13 March 2020

Outfits from YOU Vol.1

First of all, we want to thank all of you lovely gals for sending in your outfits!

It is so lovely to see all the variety in styles and clothing choices, so much so that I can not wait to see more from you gals!

Wanted to submit but missed your chance? Don’t worry! All you need to know to join the upcoming Vol. 2 will be at the end of this article!

The questions that we had this time were:

1. What’s the closest thing to magic that actually exists?
2. What was the last book you read?
3. What villain do you really feel for?

Outfits from YOU


First outfit is from Midori who is submitting an Onee gyaru look from her gyarusa’s meetup (Galuxury). All of Midori’s items are thrifted.

Their pronouns are they/them, and they go by Midori.
Instagram: @midoricoser 
Cardigan: Zara
Jacket: Old Navy
Skirt (dress): Divided
Shirt: DR2
Boots: Off-brand
1. The closest thing to magic I’ve seen are no-wipe gel polish. It makes the process so much faster!
2. The last book I read was “Harvest” by Tess Gerritsen
3. And the villain I really feel for is Light Yagami from Death Note! 


Next up is Annabel! She mostly goes by Nostique online but prefers to be called by her name. Her pronoun is she. She wears a lot of Gyaru kei and Ane Agejo.
Instagram: @nostique_hime 
Coat & Boots: Yumetenbo
Bag: Samantha Vega
1. I’m not sure if I really 100% belie in it, but I have an affinity for power stones. They make me feel certain ways despite just being pretty rocks.
2. I’m not a book person, really. I’m a the “Lord of the Rings” fan though, so I read most books related to it. That was a couple of years ago.
3. Jareth from Labyrinth. Because ICONIC. Not sure if I REALLY feel for him, there are many things I don’t agree on. 


Lea just goes by Lea as her first name is to difficult for others to pronounce. The pronoun she uses is her. She is Onee Gyaru.
Top, Skirt&Shoes: Rienda

Jacket: Duras

1. Makeup is the real Fairy Godmother.
2. “Pride and Prejudice”… though I haven’t finished it yet!
3. Sesshomaru, but he’s not a true villain I guess XD


Lizzie’s pronouns are her/she and she wears mostly Gyaru-kei!
Jumper&Skirt: boohoo
Boots: New Look
Belt&Bag: Primark
Leather jacket: TOPSHOP

Accessories: New Look

1. Reading books as the words can transport you to other worlds.
2. “Discovery of Witches” by Deborah Harkness
3. Hades from the Disney film Hercules


Hale’s pronouns are he/him. He likes to wear Manba and Yamanba.
Instagram: @nefariouslycute 

Hair extensions: AliExpress
Hat: thrifted
Coat: Alba Rosa
Shirts: Alba Rosa and Hollister
Pants: TRIPP
Bag: thrifted
Shoes: Demonia
Nails: lhouraii
1. That first tan of the year!!
2. “Harry Potter” series
3. Hm. Maleficent maybe?? But I haven’t seen the newest movie yet!


Anke prefers she/her and likes Old School Gyaru.
Instagram: @kuro_anke

Platform Shoes: Deichmann
Loose socks: Wish
Sweaterdress: BonPrix

1. Rainbow
2. “The Lost Daughter”
4. Freddy Krueger


Toni prefers they/them pronouns, but is cool with she/her as well. They are very influenced by Goshikku/Rokku style at the moment.
Instagram: @toni_chopper

Pleather jacket: Primark 
Skull jumper: Primark
Vest top: Sex Pot Revenge
Mesh top (under vest): TOPSHOP
Skirt&Safety shorts: eBay
Fishnets: Primark
Socks: Matalan
Boots: Firetrap

1. Cheese on toast with little tomatoes on top is like magic because whenever I am hungover, this helps me feel human again.
2. “The Monster Girl Encyclopaedia”
3. Char Aznable from Gundam. He’s just troublesome and doesn’t know how to deal with feelings.


Last is Alice, she prefers she/her and likes Manba.
Tank top – Alba Rosa
Skirt – from a charity shop
Leg warmers – D.I.A.
Shoes – YRU
Coat – Alba Rosa
Accessories – Claire’s & holiday souvenirs
2. “The Raven Boys”
3. I’ve been thinking for over an hour and I can’t name one *sweat drop*

Want to submit for Vol.2?

The rules are the same as last time, please check them out HERE. Please read the rules well and send everything that is required. Deadline for submissions will be three weeks from today, on the 3rd of April.

However, we have new questions, so please answer these:

1. What’s something you’ve tried, that you’ll never, ever try again? (activity, food etc.)
2. You’re only allowed to read one gyaru magazine brand for the rest of your life. Which is it?
3. What chore do you absolutely hate doing?

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