08 May 2021

Puchi News: April 2021

New month – New Puchi News!
Check out Puchi News from last month if you missed it!

🦋 Emika Mizukoshi x Rienda

Sometimes brands team up with celebrities to design or just model their clothing. Recently a former cast of Terrace House, Emika collaborated with Rienda on some of their newest clothing! There was also a meet and greet event hosted at some of their stores to meet her. There are some great items in this line for all the Onee gals to check out! ✨

🦋 Ex Rienda gal makes her own brand

Rienda gals tend to often move on from being shop staff, to actually becoming brand directors of their own brands. Miwa Matsuhashi has recently done so, her new brand “CHARME” is a bit more street style-ish but in a world dominated by fast fashion it’s great to see gals branching out like this!

🦋 Kumikky is expecting a child

Kumikky announced on her insta around the middle of April that she is expecting a child with her husband. Having just entered the 2nd trimester they’re full of excitement for what’s to come! In a later post they revealed a baby boy is on the way!

🦋 Ayakateen raises awareness about hormones

In a recent Instagram post Ayakateen opens up about her problems with periods and hormones. Revealing that she has been sick for about a month, she continues to explain that due to hormonal imbalance she has less than half of the hormones a 20 year old female should have causing polycystic ovary syndrome and menopause, meaning that she cannot get pregnant any more.

She goes into more details on the sickness, but shares her experience in a positive manner where she is doing all she can to stay healthy, both physically and mentally, with a changed diet and more focus on exercising and meditation.

🦋 Kiiripu does Koakuma Ageha Himeka's makeup

Koakuma Ageha’s Himeka is a kyabajyo that generally does quite natural makeup but recently she “debuted” her gyaru look, as done by Kyiripu!

🦋 Ranzuki is back!

Another beloved gyaru magazine has made it’s comeback! Ranzuki was an amazing magazine that in its later years transitioned into something more toned down and not so gyaru. We were super excited to hear the news about it coming back, but seems like they will continue on from where they left off.

In other news, don’t forget to pre-order your Volume 2 if you haven’t yet!

It was a slow month in many ways, but we hope you’ll look forward to next Puchi News!

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