19 February 2020

Outfits From YOU – Submit for a Feature on the Blog!

For a few years now, I have not personally been a big part of the Gyaru community. But with Lea’s recent participation, and now being the head of Papillon magazine, it is not a surprise that I got dragged into it with her. In the good sense, of course.

During that time while writing and coming up with ideas, I developed this strong feeling that the community had taken a big turn for the better. And if we continue working together like this, we can be even bigger and stronger than we used to be in “the good old times”. Except this time we will be working together to build each other up, instead of tearing each other down.

That is when I thought of doing “Outfits from YOU”, hoping we can all join together to share our outfits and looks, like we used to do some years ago. This is not exclusive to our models, although they are of course welcome to join, but for all of our readers as well.

With that I am hoping that we see more of each other, and can inspire even more gals to join us and try gyaru!

🦋 Outfits from YOU - Rules

Of course I will have to set a few rules. I hope you gals understand!

  1. Your makeup and coordinate must be 100% Gyaru. 
  2. No other J-fashion submissions will be accepted.
  3. Must tag a photo on Instagram with #papillongals. Either selfie or an outfit, or even both would be even better!
  4. Not necessary, but would be greatly appreciated, share this blogpost on FB/Twitter with your friends.

Beginners are also more than welcome to submit, just make sure that you have elements of gyaru in your makeup, hair and outfits!

🦋 How to Submit

Send us a photo of your outfit to papillonmagblog@gmail.com with the outfit rundown(what items you are using). Please also tell us your preferred nickname, pronoun, sub-style and Instagram handle to be included with your outfit!

Lastly, please answer these three totally random questions:

1. What’s the closest thing to magic that actually exists?
2. What was the last book you read?
3. What villain do you really feel for? 

The deadline will be two weeks from today, 4th of March. Once we receive your photos and depending on how many submissions we get,we will share the outfits from you.

Since this is the first post time we are doing something like this, I do not know how many submissions we will get. But if all goes well we will be asking for submissions next month as well! So please continue sharing!

Lets work together to make the community bigger and tighter!

Join the conversation!