31 January 2020

Popular Gyaru Slang of 2019

Last year EGG announced their popular gyaru slang of 2019, voted on by their in-house models and over 3000 other gals.

Slang is a great way to sound more natural when speaking a different language with friends. Although be warned; Japanese people can quite often find it hilarious to hear foreigners speak Japanese slang. Some of these slang words are also more used by High School girls!


πŸ¦‹ The Winners

The word evolved from Gyaru and was created by the egg models Pito (Hitomi Komura), Ayakatin (Ayaka Ishiyama) and Kiiripu (Suzuki Kirei).
They say that if you take a picture while saying it, your will make a duck face.
If you search instagram for #γŽγ‚ƒγ† you will find over 5000 posts with gyaru, so it really seems to have taken over!

#ε€–δΊΊγŽγ‚ƒγ† anyone???

A type of greeting made popular by the EGG model Maami (Aimi Oda) when she introduces herself on Eggs YouTube channel. Similar to “ossu”. (Very casual way of greeting, often used by delinquents)

Egg models then started using it instead of regular greetings.

Has lighter, more casual meaning compared to the normal ecchi.

For those that do not know the original meaning of the slang Ecchi, it means something “naughty”, “dirty” or “sexy”. Also used in the context of ecchi suru (エッチする), to have sex (wiki).

Mainly used by the editorial staff of egg. The point is to say “nai” bit on an exhale and repeat the word annoyingly.

Sad/joyful crying, can be used in almost any situation.

It won first place in the 2019 JC/JK (Junior/Senior Highschool) Buzzword Awards”.

E.g. My phone isn’t charging, pien.
Tanaka-Kun is so cute, pien.

Gyan means “super” when used with other words such as Kowa (scary), Naita (crying). GyanGyan uses Gyan twice and therefore takes it to an even higher level.

Used when the tension rises.

Similar meaning as γ‚’γ‚²γ‚’γ‚² (AgeAge).

Origins are believed to stem from comedians and sketches. It is used to describe something weird/strange. Like when it is cold outside, but you decide to wear a light jacket, so γ‚γŸγŠγ‹.

 Some extra entries!

πŸ¦‹ Favourites

My favorite will definitely be #γŽγ‚ƒγ† and #γŽγ‚ƒγ‚“γ‹γ‚! What about you gals?

I think using #gyau/#gaijingyau is perfect for us to use so that we can find each other more easily.
Since the #gaijingyaru has become quite saturated with general j-fashion. Not to mention that with Reiwa you will be seeing more gyaru using gyau instead, as even Ayakatin’s and Pito’s graduation festival is called “GyauFES”. (As seen on their Instagram).


These were the popular gyaru slang of 2019, please comment if you want more of these!

I got my information from Numan and livedoor News, feature image from EGG magazine.

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