30 April 2020

Outfits from You Vol.2

Volume 2 of Outfits from You has landed! I hope all of you have been doing good during these Covid-19 times. Here are more outfit photos from our community members to brighten up your day ✨

Really loved seeing all the submissions for this time and hope to see even more fore the next one!

The questions that we had this time were:
1. What’s something you’ve tried, that you’ll never, ever try again? (activity, food etc.)
2. You’re only allowed to read one gyaru magazine brand for the rest of your life. Which is it?
3. What chore do you absolutely hate doing?

Outfits from YOU


Nickname: Lea
Pronouns: She/Her
Gyaru Style: Onee Gyaru
Jacket: Eimy Istoire
Dress: Rienda
Shoes: Rienda
Bag: Rienda
1. Bungee jumping and crabs brain, I thought both would kill me.
2. NUTS? Maybe I’m not so loyal to magazines though I love having them hahaha
3. Wiping off things? I have a lot of things so having to move them away to wipe off surfaces is such a chore…


Nickname: DD.KYOKO 
Pronouns: She/ her
Gyaru style: Hime 
Instagram: DD.Kyoko
Dress: Liz Lisa 
Lace socks: Legs beautiful
Shoes: Wish
Hair bow: Ardene
1. I tried doing a 50 squats for 50 days challenge! OMG never again!
2. That would have to be Papillon Magazine of course! Simply because, Papillion has so much diversity of Gal power! Super cute articles, that speaks to our gal community and related information on every gal style! I thoroughly enjoy being able to indulge into to Papillon and get tips, facts and style ideas about Hime Gyaru! Not Alot of magazines have much information on that particular style anymore! Speaks volumes to me as a Hime Gal! #PapillonRocks
3. I absolutely hate cleaning toilets at home! Yuck! LOL.


Nickname: Annabel
Pronouns: She/her
Gyaru style: Ane Agejo, Onee Gal
Instagram: nostique_hime

Dress: Riina Couture
Shoes: Rose Marie Seoir
Accessories: Paris Kids, Chanel & modified 

1. Octopus. Also, running / jogging. 
2. Koakuma Ageha, 100%
3. I hate all chores. I’d hire a maid if I could.


Nick name: Kieli
Pronoun: She/Her
Gyaru style: Tsuyome, Manba and Himekaji
Instagram: Gyarukieli
Earrings: F21
Top and belt: D.I.A.
Pants and boots: offbrand
1. Watch a thriller. I can’t handle them!
2. I absolutely adore EGG but after getting one issue of Ranzuki, I fell in love!
3. Dusting! I can’t stop sneezing!


Nickname: Shin
Pronouns: She/Her
Gyaru style: Ganguro, himekaji and 90s old school
Instagram: majisuka.shin
Hat: Aliexpress
Dress: Liz Lisa (second hand)
Cardigan: Offbrand (second hand)
Shoes: Vox (SS2016)
Handbag: from an artisan shop in Connaught Market, Delhi.
1. Paella sandwich I saw in Tesco’s and ate for a dare. As a Spanish person, just… why? 
2. Do I have to choose? AAHH… old EGG I guess! But I obviously love Papillon <3
3. I dislike doing the dishes soo much. I’m in love with my dishwasher!


Nickname: Peg
Pronouns: She/her, but really any is fine
Gyaru style: Tsuyome, Amekaji
Instagram: tapiokagal

Hat: Cocolulu
Jacket: H&M
Top: Cocolulu
Skirt: Tally Weijl
Socks: Offbrand
Shoes: Nike

1. Brussels Sprouts (their smell is straight out of hell)
2. EGG!
3. Taking out trash is the worst. I have an agreement with my boyfriend that he does it and I’m so thankful, haha.


Nickname: Kohime/Kohi
Pronouns: She/Her
Gyaru style: Shiro/Kurogyaru
Instagram: Kohimebashiri
Dress: Second hand from my Mother (OG GAL lol)
Belt: D.I.A
Boots: Charlotte Rouse 
Jewelry: Icing
1. A Cruise. Turns out I get sea sick! but I love heights and roller coasters!
2. EGG for sure!!! Such a staple and important influence! I look forward to the New Egg too!
3. Taking out the Trash!!! I will bribe my significant other to do it for me by offering to do any other chores in exchange! haha! (I also really really hate bad smells)

What to submit for Vol.3?

The rules are the same as last time, check them out HERE <– Please read the rules carefully and send everything that is required. 

Deadline for submissions will be a month from today, on the 30th of May. 

However, we have new questions, so please answer these:

  1. Which are the top three characteristics you feel are most important for a person?
  2. What do you find extremely difficult that most people find simple?
  3. What were you most afraid of when you were younger? Do you still have that fear?

Now come through with those summery outfits!

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