06 May 2020

Gyaru Crossing – Animal Crossing made Gyaru!

Animal Crossing has surely come in as a kind of a saviour to many during this pandemic!

We have loved seeing everyone’s happiness in playing the game, as well as noticed a lot of our gals becoming creative in their designs and characters… might we even dare say there are a few in-game gals?! These four here are absolutely adorable!


🦋 Animal Crossing made Gyaru

A few gals have been making their own clothing in Animal Crossing! They’re all so cute, so we wanted to help our fellow gals out by collecting a few together in a post for you to enjoy and download!



This one is made by Noemie; the logo of her gyaru unit, Gyaransu!


🦋 Magazines & Patterns

Melissa has graced us and made the covers of our 1st Volume as well as our Galentine’s Special as photos and it looks amazing! Along that she made some EGG and Koakuma Ageha covers and a Mars print!! Seriously too cute!!

One of our editors, Cattea, also made a pixel version of the mag!

🦋 Want to be a brand whore even in your virtual life?


Lillie-Joe also made some awesome brand, like a DIA top, Alba top and skirt compo and their famous coat in a few colours.

Kohime (Lil Nuggy) made her character those adorable face stickers as well as an Alba coat… loving all this Alba!!

Tomoe-kun has the sweetest character, and this look just screams Gyaruo!!! Their partner, SoraMuscle, made the sweater so take notice fellow Gyaruo!

Risa came through with some Ane Agejo vibes as well as some Black Diamond love!

We love the Rady dresses, nothing beats some iconic prints in your Gyaru wardrobe!

Senya serves us with some ma*rs looks, and we’re so here for it!! She has some more designs on her twitter so definitely worth taking a look!

We live for some tsuyome looks as well, but Amiman came to the rescue with a great d.i.a setup! Check it out along with her other cute outfit!

🦋 Skin tones for your clothes-making

For those of you that want to make some flashy, skin showing, clothes, then look no further than at this guide Lillie-Joe pointed us to on how to make the colour for all of the available skin tones.

Not only are we benefiting from her amazing clothes, she is also making it easier for us to make our own!

How is your island life going?

How’s everyone faring in making their Gyaru Crossing dreams come to life? We’re loving all these gyaru things popping up, please let us know if you find more as we love to share the love!!

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