15 July 2020

Gyaru 101: Rokku Gyaru

Before we begin; we hope you’ve been enjoying our Gyaru 101 posts! This week we will be learning about Rokku Gyaru with the help of Risa. Read on and tell us what you think at the end! First, check out more things gyaru if you haven’t yet!

🦋 What is Rokku Gyaru?

Rokku means Rock, so a Rokku Gyaru is a bad ass rock-chick! It is a punk influenced style that was popular in Japan around 2008-2014. Unlike other alternative cultures there is a definite focus on sex appeal and femininity. 

A lot of people move from dressing Visual Kei or Gothic Lolita style over to Rokku but the overall aesthetic is quite different. It can be a good style for beginner Gyaru as it requires practising a strong eye-shape and coordinating clothes in a specific way to get the look!

🦋 Hair

When it comes to Rokku hair can be any colour, but most often it is shades of light brown to blonde, sometimes with colourful sections.  It can be wavy or super straight, long or short, and worn loose or in a big sujimori updo. Twist braids and extensions look cool or even shaved sides. Ora-Ora hairstyles work well and so do twin tails! Rokku is really flexible!

🦋 Makeup

Definitely keep the gyaru droopy eye shape, but make it spiky and smokey. The wing can come up again after the initial droop like an extended cat eye.  False lashes are a must, both upper and lower and need to be spiky. I recommend Eyemazing 003 and Decorative Eyelash Play Sexy 5.  Eyeliner is thick and the darkest black, it can be smudged out along the lower lash line, and you can use black shadow in the droop.

Eyebrows are thinned out to a point in an arch. Differing from many other sub-styles pale skin is seen more often in Rokku, but tan can work too, and don’t forget the nose contour. Lips can be a very glossy pinky nude or a deep red. Circle lenses really add to the look, choose light colours to contrast with the dark makeup. When it comes to tutorials, I recommend Memi’s tutorial.

🦋 Clothes

Here, black is predominant with pops of colour, tartan or animal print. Tops have motifs like skulls, crosses or union jacks and lots of texture in the outfit in the form of rips, studs or spikes. It is made sexier with lingerie elements like fishnets or lace babydolls. It’s best to wear boots, anything from ankle to thigh works, even better if it has lots of chunky buckles. Demonia boots are a classic choice.  If you like heels, wear ones with a caged style.

The good thing is as the stores only closed a couple of years ago there are still plenty of brand clothes out there in good condition! Just checkout mercari, closetchild, mbok, y!a, wanboo and vector using your favourite shopping service. You can also look in J-Rock stores like sex pot revenge.

Now, if you don’t want to import from Japan you can find workable items at alternative stores like empstore, alongside thrifting. A lot of versatile items can be found anywhere like fishnet tights and studded leather jackets. 

Also, if you are plus size like me then I have some good news; Glavil did a lot of baggy items and if you don’t mind the cups missing your boobs we can even fit the famous babydolls! Plus there are dozens of cute accessories we can enjoy without worrying!

You cannot be a rokku gyaru without accessories!  Stack them high and proud.  Chokers, necklaces, horns, bracelets, rings, nailart, leg garters, handcuff necklaces, spiked belts, earrings, earcuffs, headbows, hats go wild!  Got piercings? show them all off!

🦋 Brands

A 2003-2015 gyaru-kei brand that was considered the origins of mixing rock and gal. 

The brand launched in Shibuya 109 in 2004 with the concept of a sexy tough woman. 

It took a few years to refine it’s style to match gyaru, but when it did Sakurina became a regular customer and the brand was frequently featured in Ageha with novelty gifts.  The stores all closed around 2016 however the webshop appears to be open clearing old stock! 

TuTuHa チュチュア / Glavil グラビル / Fernopaa フェルノパ

All 3 stores are rumoured to have the same designer and you can see it in the clothes. In 2011 TuTuHa launched a range called Glavil. This injected a rainbow of colour into the Rokku world and added cuter, more playful elements in the form of tutus, babydolls and zip skirts! It also launched the boom in accessories. Chokers, big plastic crosses, beanie hats and aviator goggles became iconic items. When most Gaijin Gyaru think of Rokku they think of Glavil. Fernopaa took this look to the extreme and unlike other gyaru brands it was often incorporated into Harajuku street style too. All stores were sadly closed by 2017.

Sometimes described as a more mature side of Rokku, with more Gyaru-kei vibes than the ShibuHara appeal of Glavil.  It focuses on grey colour palettes, animal print, graphic text and even included maxi skirts. However at times it was still playful with the leopard-ear hoody and gloomy bear collaboration. Ghost of Harlem has a lot of fluffy parkers so is perfect for autumn/winter. The 109 shop first opened in 2001 and went bankrupt in 2016, meaning there are 15 years worth of back catalog to discover. Shizuka Takeda’s blog showcases the 2012 collection and in their later years Sakurina was their main model.

🦋 Inspirations

We have some lovely gals in the community who are interested in and knowledgeable about all things Rokku, you can follow them on instagram.  If I missed anyone just leave a comment. 

Amy, Danielle, Miyu, Sarah, Sio, Toni, Vicki, Lizzie

There’s also plenty of pictures on pinterest and tumblr. Models to search the internet for include Amihamu and Serikamacho  Whilst you are looking around you should rock out to J-metal girl band Aldious or their ex-singer Re:No who is launching a solo career. 

🦋 My Experience

I was really into Rokku Gyaru from 2014-2016. During that period I dreamt of visiting the stores in Japan, and that dream finally came true in 2015! 

However what I saw in store just didn’t live up to expectations and I barely bought anything. Honestly outside of the shop staff I never saw another Rokku Gyaru in the wild. We were in Fernopaa ages doing a shopping service and not a single other customer came in, walking around Shibuya a NHK interviewer asked if my outfit was a halloween costume. So I really feel sad that I missed the boom of these styles in person and I’d love to see it become popular again. Black diamond member AochanP recently posted a Rokku outfit on twitter so maybe she misses it too. 

Lastly, another benefit of Rokku style useful at the moment is that you can pair it perfectly with a mask!  

Love, Risa 💜

Risa, our in-house tech idol brings us her knowledge on Rokku Gyaru!

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