01 December 2020

Gyaru Idol Debut- Interview with Kirarin

The gyaru comm has been bursting with new baby gals and new, fun things since quarantine as many of you might have noticed! In the gyaru comm we like celebrating new things that uplift gal so, like in the past, we have always loved any kind of gyaru artists and it definitely gets us excited seeing new ones pop up!

Today we’re here with a new and up coming Gyaru Idol, and that’s definitely not a combo you see everyday! Kirarin is a baby gal who is full of gal power and super enthusiastic to share her love for gyaru, parapara and music in her new debut as a Gyaru Idol.

🦋 Who is Kirarin?

First off, could you tell us a bit about yourself and your gyaru journey?

Hi, I’m Kirarin! I’m 24, and I was born in New York City!
I’m a baby gal! >w< I started *really* investing myself into the style this past May! It might sound kinda dramatic, but since then it’s really changed my life. Since, I’ve discovered a lot of cool music, made a LOT of new friends, and the style has given me a lot more confidence, because I feel like I’m expressing myself more!

Are there any specific aspects of gyaru you feel gave you more confidence?

I love the attitude behind it most of all. Just the whole part about expressing yourself in whatever way YOU like and not caring about what society has to say about it. I also really like that it empowers me to wear more “mature” and “sexy” clothes! Before gyaru I didn’t really wear clothes like this. >w<

🦋 Kirarin and Music

What made you decide to be a gyaru idol?

Well I’ve always enjoyed J-pop music since I was like 10 years old. At 16 I came across a whole community of other people who enjoy j-pop idols and make song covers as well as original songs/MV inspired by J-pop. It’s called the “overseas idol” comm, because a lot of us don’t live in Japan. Back then I was more of a fan, because I was too afraid to put myself out there with my own music. But now I wanted to stop holding myself back! I decided to become a “gyaru idol” specifically because I feel like before I didn’t really know what my style even was. When I started doing Gyaru and feeling comfortable in it, it felt like “Yes! This is my style! I feel good in this!” >w<

What is your inspiration for music?

I’m mainly inspired by J-pop, but there are K-pop influences too.

My main inspirations are Hello!Project, Perfume, and also Yamikawaii bands like CY8ER.




🦋 The Rise of a Gyaru Idol

We have seen you’re very passionate about parapara, have you or will you coordinate parapara to accompany your songs?

I actually have! ^^
I will be releasing the parapara dances tomorrow on my YouTube channel and I will also be doing a Giveaway where people who post themselves doing the para dances to my songs will win a free copy of the album!
(Editor note; videos have been released since interview was conducted)

Do you have any scheduled performances for our readers to tune in?

As of right now, some livestreams on IG, (and possibly Twitch) will happen within the next 2 weeks, but there isn’t a set date just yet.

However, the biggest thing to look forward to for now would be the parapara contest that will launch tomorrow! ^^ (Editor note: Launched on the 28th of November)

Where can people follow you for the giveaway and announcements of lives in the future?

My Instagram is where I’m most active with posting about idol stuff, and the para contest will take place mainly on Instagram too! ^^

Check Kirarin out on her other sns!

What struggles have you faced preparing for your gyaru idol debut?

So I originally planned for the debut to take place on November 11th, but seeing as there are 4 whole songs and music videos, and 2 dances for each song, I kind of underestimated the amount of time it would take me to finish everything. ^^; So I kept having to push the release date back, and that kind of gave me a hard time with staying motivated. But in the end, even though it wasn’t within the original time frame, everything got done and I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback so far, and that keeps me encouraged to keep going!

What do you hope for in the future as a gyaru idol?

My main goal is to be able to reach and inspire a lot of people through my creative works. I want to be able to inspire people to not only become the best versions of themselves, but also to go for their own dreams as well. Hopefully when people see me gradually improving along my own journey as a beginner (not only in gyaru but also in music), they’ll feel like “hey I could probably do that too!” and give it a shot!

🦋 Thank you for joining us!

Lastly, what has been the most exciting thing about being a baby gal for you?

The most exciting thing has been experimenting with different clothes and makeup looks to get a feel for what looks best on me! I’m slowly improving with each look I do and it’s really fun to keep levelling up! haha

Big thanks to Kirarin for giving us some of her time to respond to our questions!
Please go check her out and leave her some comments of love!

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