18 March 2021

Black Diamond -from 2000- Disband

Black Diamond -from 2000- have been a great presence for us in the gyaru community for the past three years, but it is like they say; all great things must come to an end.

After seeing Aichorisu leaving -from 2000- last year, later leaving Black Diamond, and the unit not being able to find a new member to replace her and now COVID… it really doesn’t surprise us that this would happen. It however doesn’t mean it’s not sad to see. Personally, they gave me some great memories to look back to and it was always so great to see them try their hardest at whatever they did. They all had great relationships with their fans , were always so kind to talk to and honestly they were really great performers that always gave it their best!

They will be disbanding as of the 31st of March. For the announcement they each gave us short messages in a video, which we have translated for you here:

Message from Aochanp

I can’t talk about this without crying. From the beginning until now I haven’t been a leader you can rely on but I really enjoyed this role of mine. I still have some things I want to accomplish and I will do them my way as best as I can.

Thank you for supporting us so far, we wont be -from 2000- any more, but I hope you will continue to support us.

Message from Runakonga

It’s been almost three years of -from 2000- and I’ve been in Black Diamond for seven years, these years are full of fun things, but also difficult things. It’s been a great experience that I shared with my members. I once thought about graduating from -from 2000-, but it’s really been so much fun doing this and working in the entertainment business.

This doesn’t mean I am quitting Black Diamond… However, since deciding to quit the group I have met some fans and had doubts, but this is what we decided so I hope you will support us from now on while we do our things separately. We will of course still be meeting each other and doing things together, but not as -from 2000-.

Message from Marchirin

Big thanks to Black Diamond, our producer and fans for helping us get over all the hurdles we faced during our time in -from 2000-. To me, this time with our fans has been very important and filled with so many warm memories. 
When we started -from 2000- I was still a University student, but now I will be graduating and we will all be going our separate ways. From now on I hope to do everything I wasn’t able to do before, but I wouldn’t be who I am if I hadn’t joined -from 2000-. So, I am very thankful to anyone that has supported us along the way and helped me to grow into the person I am now.

Thank you everyone, I hope you continue supporting me and my members as well as all of Black Diamond.

You can watch their announcement here!

Graduation Photobook

To close off these three years they will be releasing a special Graduation photo book, but each of them will have a cover that they’re feature on; meaning that there are three versions and you order then one you want.

Along with that there is the special set that includes all of their photobooks, a cheki with a message from the member of your choosing, half an hour chat with one member, choberigu CD, music tickets for two of their songs (Black Diamond and Persona -Trance Mix-) as well as 3 clear files.

These can all be viewed in their store here.

It feels like an end to an era, we’ve had some great gyaru artists through the years, and this is one representation that will be sorely missed!

I’ve had the great luck of meeting and seeing them perform now three times and they were always so full of energy and gave their all for their fans, it makes me somewhat emotional that I can’t see them perform live again, but I and all of Papillon wish them the best from now on!

You can read an interview with them in Volume 1, and an interview with Machirin in Volume 2.

What are your thoughts on their disbandment? Where you still hoping to see them at some point?

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