25 October 2021

Halloween Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

For some of us Galloween is about putting on the sexiest outfit (FUN), and others the most dramatic, creative makeup (Also fun)! Motoko is the Queen of over-the-top gorgeous looks and here she is yet again serving an amazing tutorial. Read on to see how you can achieve this look!!!

🦋 Halloween Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

Looking for ideas for your Galloween party, whether you're going out with friends or having a spooky night at home with some horror movies and all the snacks?

This Halloween Papillon got together its' in-house beauty gals for some amazing Galloween tutorials, and here's our first one featuring Motoko!

Save the spread for later viewing or scroll down to know how to become the mergal of your dreams!
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🦋 Mermaid Tutorial Step by Step!

Step 1

Start with base, I've used my Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr 235 concealer mixed with NYX Professional white eye shadow base.

Step 2
 Use Sea Mist from Beautybay Eyn Brights matte eye-shadow palette as shown.

Step 3
Use Makeup Revolution Birds of Paradise palette in the colour Take Flight above Sea Mist.

Step 4
Use Makeup Revolution Ice palette Crystal above Take Flight and then use Makeup Revolution Ice palette Drench upwards from Crystal towards brow bone.

Step 5
Use Makeup Revolution Ice palette's Break on top of Sea Mist to get a deeper crease.

Step 6
Cut the crease, remove with makeup remover on a q-tip and carve out the shape. Don't use too much or it will bleed into the eye-shadow and ruin it. Wipe off excess makeup remover and add base tightly close to the crease you just made.

Step 7
Now we're going to make a halo eye-shape on the eyelid. Use purple power from the Beautybay Brights Matte palette in the inner corner, followed by Norvina Pro Pigment palette Vol.4's A3. Leave a gap, then use A3 and Purple Power as shown in the picture.

Step 8
Repeat the process on the lower lash line. End with Sea Mist in the outer corner of the eye.

Step 9
Use Norvina Pro pigment palette Vol.4 A2 in the gaps for halo effect or go straight to glitter.

Step 10
Use Mermaze from Peaches & Cream on the blue part of upper eyelid, then use Kaima cosmetics Angelic on top off Purple Power and Kaima Cosmetics Aphrodite on A2. Repeat on lower lash line.

Step 11
Use Revelation from Kaima Cosmetics on the blue part on upper eyelid followed by any blue glitter you have in different sizes. Mine are from Aliexpress.

Step 12
Using nail art pieces in seashells and golden seashell pieces, glue them above the halo part of the eye. Fill in your brows and then add Sea Mist on top of your brow, I used ABH brow pomade in Chocolate.

Step 13
Adorn the cut crease with different seashells for a mermaid feel from inner to outer corner using eyelash glue. I used the green duo lash to make sure they stick. Bring out the blue gems and stick them from the part where Purple Power fades out on the upper eyelid, from biggest to smallest size. If you don't have gems you can use blue glitter and draw a line or make dots.

Step 14
Line your eye with eyeliner making a droopy gal shape in black. I used NYX Epic Ink pen.

Step 15
Using Break from the ice palette and Illicit from the Brights palette, blend the black eyeliner so it blends together seamlessly. Extend a blue line from the 4th gem/dot down towards the black liner as pictured. I used Too faced Glitter Pop in I'm Half Mermaid.

Step 16
Using a golden liquid eyeliner extend a line from the 8th gem/dot down towards the bottom eyelid as pictured. I used H&M Beauty scintillating eye colour in gold. Repeat the blue line step from previous step. Wipe off any fallout from the eye-shadow earlier.

Step 17
Put on your foundation, I've used NYX Born to Glow in medium olive caramel and contour using Melt from the Ice palette and highlight your high point of the cheekbone using Mermaze.

Step 18
Paint fish-scales using the pink color from Suva Beauty UV Taffies palette, or any pink liner.

Step 19
Using glitter adhesive, like the NYX glitter adhesive, find your chunkier festival glitter in blue and dot chunks of glitter onto the fish scales as pictured.

Step 20
Using some bigger shells, glue them underneath the fish scales lining your cheekbones as pictured.

Step 21
Back to the bottom eyelid, place gems/dots underneath the middle of your bottom eyelid and the outer corner of the eyelid making a frame for the blue and gold liners you made previously as pictured.

Step 22
Pop on mascara and lashes and get ready to Get Wild, Be sexy 💙

You are done! Put on all your sea inspired accessories, wigs, and have a Mermazing day!


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  1. Motoko is literally the prettiest and most talented person I cannot 😭💘 Someday I'm going to work up the courage to try one of her tutorials!! The details in this look blew me away 😍💖

  2. Its incredible, Motoko is an artist!!