25 April 2022

Maaachirin and Harutamu Announced for LOALO‼️

A new gravure magazine is announcing their model roster and some of our favorite gals are on the list!

Earlier in April, gravure mag LOALO announced their plans to debut in May. What caught our attention was their exclusive photographer RYU who has worked with the iconic (and now sadly disbanded) gyaru idol group Black Diamond -from 2000-. (You can check out our interview with Black Diamond -from 2000- in our first volume!)

Knowing this connection, it's no surprise to see former -from 2000- member Maaachirin appear on their roster. It definitely made us more interested in following them, though! We were also excited to see gyaru legend and former Black Diamond leader Harutamu announced.

Let's take a look at the models they've revealed so far: 

1. Sora Fujiki

Slated to be LOALO's first cover model, Sora Fujiki is a model and galfluencer who has worked with brands like Black Queen. She used to make a lot of content for her YouTube channel, but now focuses more on TikTok. We love her modern onee gyaru style. She looks like she should be modeling for Nuts!

Sora's Socials: Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | TikTok

2.  Harutamu

Harutamu is a model, DJ, and gyaru icon that many of us gaijin gals were introduced to when she was a leader in Black Diamond. We can only imagine how many people first learned about gyaru through her Kawaii Pateen tutorials. She also has a gorgeous onee gyaru style that we adore, but we would love any style Haratamu wears! You have to respect a queen πŸ‘‘

Harutamu's Socials: Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | TikTok 

3. Natsuki Asami

Natsuki is a model and beauty influencer who owns three lounges. While her style isn't very gal, you can definitely see the kyaba influence in it. There's no denying that she is absolutely stunning! She also loves dogs, how can you not support her?

Natsuki's Socials: Instagram | Twitter 

4. Maaachirin

If you've been following us, you're probably aware we're pretty big Maaachirin fans. We were able to interview her when she was in -from 2000- for our first volume, interview her again for Pride in our second volume, and have been stalking her career since! Maaachirin is an idol turned rapper and Black Diamond member who, on top of releasing her own music, recently appeared in the MV for Ohayo's iconic song "GAL". We're in love with her updated old school style and her bright personality. 

Maaachirin's Socials: Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | TikTok

5. Betty

We don't know much about Betty as it appears she's a new and upcoming model, but from what we can tell, her style is undeniably gal and we're big fans of her love for tattoos and cats. We'll be excited to see more from her in the future!

Betty's Socials: Instagram 

Those are the models announced so far and it looks like LOALO is still searching for more models to join them!

Follow LOALO  on their socials:

Who's your fave model that's been announced? 
Let us know down below.
(We're sure you can guess ours!)

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  1. I'm excited to see Maaachirin in a magazine!! Well deserved!

  2. Me, too!! πŸ’“ She's the cutest!!! Also exciting to see Harutamu modeling for a mag πŸ’žπŸ’ž