18 April 2022

Outfits from Mercari ♡ April 2022

Welcome to our first installment of outfits from Mercari! The part of the show where we bring you outfits... from Mercari ☆ 

The urge to shop is a strong one, isn't it? Especially in gyaru, you're constantly bombarded by picture after picture of the cutest co*des you can imagine. Who amongst us hasn't had the urge to sell a kidney for an Alba Rosa coat?

Fortunately, there's a ton of second-hand brand and other cute off-brand items to be found on Mercari. Some are absolutely overpriced, but others are incredible bargains. We will be creating outfits from all of our Mercari finds in this new series!

We may have a theme or focus on trends for different installments of this segment. We didn't go into this one with a set theme, but we ended up adding a little lace all over the place. Let us know if you have any particular themes you would like to see! Hope you enjoy our picks ❤️️

Disclaimer: An item being listed is not an endorsement of the item's seller. Mercari is a site that hosts an array of sellers, please do your research and be careful when shopping!!!

Outfit # 1

Our key point for this outfit is the shorts from MA*RS. Regardless of discomfort, denim and lace will always be peak aesthetic. 

Top: GOLDS Infinity (¥650), Shorts: MA*RS ( ¥760), Shoes: Off-brand (¥1,000), Socks: Off-brand (¥555), Hair Bow: Princess Melody (¥800)

Outfit # 2

Our key point for this outfit is the D.I.A. zebra print top. Tsuyome looks are fun because of how much you can play with the details. A little lace, a little fluff, some chains, some bows-- Mix them all together and you've cracked the co*de!

Top: D.I.A. (¥300), Shorts: Off-brand (¥500), Shoes: GOLDS Infinity (¥1,555), Bag: Off-brand (¥850), Arm Warmers: Off-brand (¥500), Arm Cuffs: Off-brand (¥900), Leg Warmers: D.I.A. (¥1,999), Belt: D.I.A. (¥1,300), Belt Chain: Off-brand (¥300)

Outfit # 3

Our key point for this outfit is the Jesus Diamante bag. We added a leopard print collar for balance, but you can swap it for leopard boot cuffs or even ditch the extra print entirely to make the bag a statement piece. With gyaru, there's no such thing as too much, so we prefer to add more 😈

Dress: La Pafait (¥3,100), Coat: La Pafait (¥1,100), Shoes: Jesus Diamante (¥7,200), Bag: Jesus Diamante (¥3,300), Collar: Off-brand (¥600), Hair Bow: La Pafait (¥700)

Outfit # 4

Our key point for this outfit is the Blue Moon top. Spring is simply the eve of summer for a gal whose heart is forever on the beach!

Top: Blue Moon (¥300), Skirt: IGNI (¥1,300), Shoes: Alba Rosa (¥799), Bag: Alba Rosa (¥2,222) Necklace: Alba Rosa (¥800), Pink & Blue Bracelets: Off-brand (¥300), Shell Bracelets: Off-brand (¥500)

Outfit # 5

Our key point for this outfit is the dress. One of the best parts of gyaru is 2000s era fashion is never out of style! Go out and dress like a Bratz doll. 

Dress: Off-brand (¥600), Jacket: MA*RS (¥999), Shoes: Gold's Infinity (¥1,000), Bag: Liz Lisa (¥300), Hair Bow: MA*RS (¥1,600)

Well, what do you think? Find any galspo or items you just need to have?

Let us know in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading 💗

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