05 May 2022

Looks We Love ❣️ Sakurina for Kyaba Brands

Legendary gal Sakurina is known to model kyaba brands. We decided to collect some our favorite looks she's worn into one blog post!

When you're shopping online, what category do you usually sort by: Item categories, new arrivals, maybe listed brands? The fun part of kyaba shops is they give you these regular options and then something a little more special: Shop by model!

Today we will be window shopping across multiple kyaba brands with Sakurina as our guiding force.

Sakurina is a gal who needs no introduction, but since we love talking about her so much, we'll give a brief one anyway! 

Chances are you know Sakurina as a gyaru model. She has graced many upon many covers and pages of Koakuma Ageha and currently models for their sister magazine Ane Ageha. She has released several songs, starred in the iconic gal movie Girl's Life, and even owns her own brand called Riina couture.

As we already mentioned, she has also modeled for a lot of kyaba brands. Let's take a peak at some of the looks she's worn that we absolutely adore.

From Sugar

Look # 1

Dress: Angel-R (¥32,800)

Sakurina once said in an interview that she never set out to be gyaru, she just thought gals looked like princesses and wanted to look like one, as well. This look certainly hits the mark! Her wispy braid paired with this tiered high-low dress is both whimsical and stunning.

Look # 2

Dress: ROBE de FLEURS (¥22,800)

Think what? Think pink! We love the way the flower detailing on this dress pops against an otherwise muted color palette, as well as how Sakurina's blush matches her hair. It's cute, it's pretty, it's sexy, and we're into it.

Look # 3

Swimsuit: SUGAR&JEWELS (¥5,980)

Ash-toned hair, hot pink swimsuit, is this look not the epitome of gal? Not to mention the bright lip color that matches her sunhat. If our Barbie dolls had been this cute growing up, we might have thought twice before cutting off all their hair to give them a makeover.

From Tika

Look # 1

Dress: Tika (¥4,900)

This dress gives Hollywood starlet vibes, right? We're in love. On top of that, we are obsessed with this  hair. The way it fountains at the top to give volume, the dark roots to blonde highlight ombre going on, it's gorgeous! 

Look # 2

Dress: Tika (¥5,400)

Who doesn't love a peekaboo moment from their kyaba dress? The gem detailing is cute, too, especially with how well Sakurina's nails go with it. Our love for this look is definitely intensified by the way she is modeling it. She takes an outfit that's 10/10 and brings it to 100.

Look # 3

Swimsuit: Tika 5,900)

We don't know who's doing hair for Tika photoshoots, but they definitely need a raise. The way these braids are styled into a headband and flow into curls is beautiful and the added detail of curling the hair framing Sakurina's face is too cute! The fit of this dress isn't our favorite, but we do like the straps and gem details on them. 

From JEWELS by Sugar

Look # 1

Headband: JEWELS (¥980)

Featuring pajama headbands on a kyaba post?! Look, Sakurina is too cute here, we can't help it! Much like all the other looks in this post, we really love the hair here. Gyaru hair is best when it looks a little messy, intentional or not. We also love her eye make, the dark brown on her upper lid with smoky shadow on the bottom gives a glam look, a cute contrast with the rest of the co*de.

Look # 2

Swimsuit: SUGAR&JEWELS (¥3,980)

One thing you can always count on with Sakurina is a cute pink lip. When she wears bright pink colors like this, it's our absolute fave. Not to mention the shoes here, where is the link for those?!

Look # 3

Jewelry: JEWELS 6,644)

This look is so golden era. The big messy curls, flowers in the hair, dark eye make with light lips and brows. This is what you dream of looking like when you get into gyaru. It's the best!

Which of these looks is your favorite?

Let us know in the comments below!

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