16 May 2022

Trend Report! May 2022

Gyaru are fashionable, and gyaru will always follow trends with their own twist. So lets look at what is hot right now and get inspiration to gal up!

 Remember gyaru fashion does not need to be expensive, and while you could order directly from Japanese brands, we super recommend checking out your local thrift shops, thrift websites (Fril, Mercari, Depop, Vinted) and local brands for similar items.

Back to the 90s (and 2000s)

Nostalgia hit us hard last year, with the 90s and soon the 2000s trending on SNS such as TikTok! Y2K, Mc Bling, 90s Chanel, logomania... all made a huge comeback, with everyone suddenly thrifting (and scalping 😂) Juicy Couture, micro bags, Bratz style platform boots, low rise jeans... and with one thing to another it wasn't long before old school gyaru was rediscovered!

We could dedicate a whole piece to this revival, but today we are just going to pick some of our favourite trends for inspiration:

💜 Low Rise & Flare Bottoms

Egoist (link)
Spiralgirl (link)

Low rise bottoms have been seen more and more often in western brands and are very likely to take more strength as summer draws closer! If you aren't a fan though, don't worry! Japanese brands have mostly stuck to just bringing flares and wide cuts back, so you can rock this trend whether you are a fan of high or low waists!

💜 Logomania & Monograms

Egoist (link)

Darich (link)

Gyda (link)

Ever since logomania reached its peak in the 90s (thanks to incredible designers like Dapper Dan), using a brand logo as a obvious design element in clothes and accessories has been going in and out of fashion, depending on the world living in economic growth or recession. With the pandemic "over", minimalism has taken a back seat and flashing brand has become acceptable once more. Brands have been releasing monogram patterns in clothing, handbags... you name it!

💜 Tweed, Contrast Piping & Coordinated Sets

Spiral Girl (link)
Sheller (link)

Chanel made their two piece suit a timeless classic in the 50s, and it has featured in numerous collections since, especially after Karl Lagerfield revolutionised it in the 90s! Tweed and other weaves and patterns have been super popular, especially when worn in matching sets. We love how easy it is to wear for both casual and elegant outings!

Darich (link)
Michell Macaron (link)
Darich (link)

Continuing with the Chanel inspiration, the "ladylike" look has become even more popular thanks to celebrities such as Jennie from BLACKPINK (a Chanel ambassador) and Jia from the show Single's Inferno, who made everyone obsessed with looking chic and expensive.

💜 Blazers

Egoist (link)

Egoist (link)

Oversized, sleeveless, cropped or structured, blazers have been coming strong for a while now. Throw your blazer over your daytime and nighttime outfits to give them a fierce yet chic look.

💜 Balloon & Puff sleeves

Sheller (link)
Michell Macaron (link)

Rienda (link)

Lace, dainty florals, sheer fabrics... thanks to Bridgeton, the hyper feminine trend from last year continues, although puff sleeves are getting a twist and coming back in a more exaggerated shape! Brands are playing around by tapering them into mutton sleeves, or creating a similar puff effect with ruffles and pleats.

💜 Mermaid Silouette

Resexxy (link)
Darich (link)
Belinda (link)

 We left the best for last... mermaid flares have taken over onee gyaru! Every single brand such as Belinda, Resexxy, Rienda... have all added this beautiful type of skirt to their catalogue, since it is perfect for an elegant yet sultry look. You can dress mermaid skirts up or down depending on what kind of top you choose to pair it with! Try tucking in a shirt for work, or wear a solid coloured top to elongate your legs!

💜 Bonus: Loose Socks

Egoist (link)

Okay, so not really a global trend, but we loved that Egoist has brought loose socks back and think everyone should hop on this one!!

So there we have it, our current favourite trends! Since some people are already experiencing summer and others have just started their winters, we hope you can enjoy this article wherever you live! Which one is your favourite?

Special thanks to Emi x Lea for helping with this article!

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