30 June 2022

TIKA x Music Circus Fukuoka Fashion Show

Kyaba brand Tika hosted a fashion show during the Music Circus Fukuoka festival! Check out their incredible looks below!

On the 4th of June, kyaba brand Tika held a fashion show at the music festival Music Circus Fukuoka . Their fashion show line-up included models like former egg and current Ageha model Momo Ito as well as girls from Cyber Japan Dancers! We were dying to see every look in the fashion show and they are all beautiful!

(Read original post in Tika's blog here).

Kirara Asuka

The star look of the show was modelled by Kirara Asuka (Instagram | Twitter). This stunning ballgown dress is the epitome of every princess dream! We love the tiered floaty look, sweetheart off shoulder cut and the corset detail at the back.

Dress | Shoes | Jewellery

Each look was paired with sky tall Pleaser heels and statement necklace pieces, but the ones suggested by the brand are different to the ones worn in the fashion show. We think this necklace and these heels are close to the ones pictured.

Momo Ito

Ageha model Momo Ito (Instagram | Twitter | YouTube) modelled a sweet bridal look, wearing a Tika x Kirara collaboration dress with a beautiful up do and pearl head piece to top it off.

Dress | Shoes | Jewellery

How gorgeous is the shoulder knot detail?


Egg model Seina (Instagram | Twitter) modelled a dress inspired by Korean fashion! This dress is described by Tika as their take on the girly uzzlang style.

Dress | Shoes

The monotone colourway, ribbon details and clean cut make it super cute and very easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion!


(Photo Credit: TIKA)


Cyber Japan dancer Kanae (Instagram | Twitter) modelled a sequinned princess dress paired with Pleaser style heels and a floral jewellery set.

Dress | Shoes | Jewellery

Tika describes this dress as the perfect for every occasion, be a party or formal event. We love the touch of wearing a matching organza ribbon in the hair to make the look sweeter.


Cyber Japan dancer Kazue (Instagram | Twitter) wore the same dress as her sister in the pink colourway, but paired it with a heavier jewellery set, to balance her shorter hair.

Dress | Shoes | Jewellery


Cyber Japan dancer Haruka (Instagram | Twitter) wore a stunning tulle dress with a shoulder knot detail and open back design.
Dress | Shoes | Jewellery

This dress comes in four colourways: white, beige, pink and dusty blue!

Everyone looks like they had an amazing time! As you can see, kyaba style looks incredibly gorgeous to wear for formal events and parties! We are super inspired to dress up for any formal event we may have in the future!

Thank you for reading! Which look is your favourite? Let us know by writing in a comment below!

Photo Credits: TIKA, Kirara Asuka, Cyber Japan Dancers

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