26 June 2022

Puchi News: June 2022

Did you miss Puchi News? So did we! And we have soo much to tell you, so read on!!

🦋 Sora Fujiki releases first single!

LOALO cover model Sora Fujiki has released her first single "Happy Happy Night"! Her fellow models will appear in the MV (with a para para choreography to boot!) and they all posted photos showing us their hard work at rehearsals!

You can listen to Happy Happy Night here.

🦋 LOALO Announces Crowdfunding Project + Launch Party Event + More!

We've been very excited since LOALO magazine started announcing their model line-up and we're happy to report some updates!

New Model Announcements

Our jaw dropped when we first spotted former Black Diamond member Akarin in some of their promotional videos as well as working with their exclusive photographer RYU 👀 So we were super excited when LOALO finally confirmed that she'd be joining the project! As well as Akarin, the models Pacha, Runa Shimotsuki and Yuuramomo have been added to the line-up!

Check out our LOALO model profiles here for more details! (Photo Credit: Ryu)

(Photo credit: LOALO.JP)

Crowdfunding Project

LOALO started a crowdfunding project at the end of April and we are happy to announce that they reached a whooping 195% of their goal! LOALO will be distributed freely in tanning salons across Japan, but you can also buy the first issue here!

(Photo credit: LOALO)

Launch Party Event

On Saturday 4th June, LOALO hosted an event to celebrate their first issue! As well as the models, many many well known gyaru were in attendance! We wish we had been able to be there!!

There were various music performances including Sora Fujiki's Happy Happy Night and Maaachirin performing Shining! The was a surprise bday party for Sora Fujiki as well! Check out the event highlights here!

🦋 Tika & Cyber Japan Dancers at Music Circus Fukuoka

Kyaba brand Tika shared on Twitter that they would be holding a fashion show at the music festival Music Circus Fukuoka on the 4th of June. Their fashion show line-up included models like former egg and current Ageha model Momo Ito as well as girls from Cyber Japan Dancers.

Cyber Japan Dancers also made their own special appearance alongside other dance groups like Hilight!

🦋 Emiri Aizawa introduces idol group Euterpe

(PhotoCredit: chunichi.co.jp)

Emiri Aizawa, one of the most famous kyabajo, model and business woman, is now turning producer! She recently announced the project she has been working on: Euterpe, a new idol group produced by herself. Out of 3500 applicants, just 20 passed the auditions, and after a training process seven girls will be selected to debut as a group in August 2022! You can watch the selection process here and the successful trainees will be announced on July 3rd!

🦋 Hayama Junna debuts with "BESTIE ALERT"

Influencer and model Hayama Junna is debuting alongside Helena, Daria and Gabby in a new unit! They promise lots of songs and activities, so we are excited to see what they come up with!

🦋 Pito models for Mirage

(Photo Credit: Mirage)

Hitoe (also known as Pito) is on a roll! She is now the face of Mirage, a new contact lens brand. The designs are super cute and perfect for gyaru! They come in different designs in natural shades of grey and brown, and are all monthly so they should be very comfortable to use 💜

Mirage has a YouTube channel where they've uploaded a video with her, as well as another of their image models, Yukipoyo!

Website | Online Store | Instagram

Wow, this is an exciting year for gyaru! Such a huge amount of music debuts happening at the moment!  Which project is your favourite? Let us know below!

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