28 November 2019

Gyaransu at Japan Touch!


Do you happen to live in France or be travelling there this weekend? If so we have some fun news for you! On the 1st of December our French Gals of Gyaransu, a gyarusa led by the lovely Noémie, will attend the annual Japan Touch Convention in Lyon as they have done in previous years!

Gyaransu will be introducing gyaru fashion to attendees by selling Japanese fashion and cosmetics along with doing the makeup, hair and nails of those that want to!!! It’s an amazing opportunity to get to know more about gyaru from all the beautiful gals of Gyaransu!

 Not only that, but they have partnered up with Japan Runway and Tokyo Street Style to bring you a fashion show packed full of Japanese brands such as Baby Shoop, Rienda, Punyus and more! Of course they themselves will be modeling these brands, so we can look forward to a beautiful show!

 Go check it out if you’re able to and support Gyaransu (you might even see some mention of Papillon there!). Gyaransu has more fun stuff planned for the future, but that seems to be a secret for now! We hope you’ll have a chance to check them out!

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