11 November 2019

Interview: Chris and The Space Girls!

(Cover photo by Joeri Kosters)


Recently Chris has gotten the amazing opportunity to have the legendary Dave Rogers produce their cover of the eurobeat song named “Seventies” by Mega NRG Man. Performing under the group name of “Chris and the Space Girls”. Space Girls is a Eurobeat girl group made up of Chris (@_lamiann), Kymbined (@kymbined) and Suiren (@suicchiwav) produced by Dave Rodgers. It’s made up of (ex)gyaru/paralists from the Netherlands with a passion for Eurobeat! They have also released the MV where they do the parapara routine! This is super interesting for the gyaru community as a whole! It’s amazing to see one of us in such a production, so we wanted to bring you a small glimpse into the process in an interview with Chris!

Behind the scenes at the Recording & MV shoot of Spaceboy & Seventies in Italy

P: The video and everything was so cute, how did you come to do this?

It all started when I posted a refilm of a trapara routine on the International Eurobeat Facebook group last year. Dave saw it and messaged me to send him a voice recording. He was looking for new people to collaborate with and loved my style!
At the time I had only sung rock music in karaoke, so I thought my voice was too low for the cutesy eurobeat songs.

Then last June he asked me to be in his music video for Spaceboy as the female love interest (to be released) and 2 weeks later I was flown out to Italy!!
After the second day of shooting he told me my voice has potential and he would like to look for a song that suits my range. We rebooked my flight back and I was in the recording studio the next day to record seventies haha.

Then in September Dave and Brian Ice came to the Netherlands to record the video. We shot it from 6pm till 4am (killer!!!)

Photograph by Joeri Kosters

P: Was it difficult learning the song and dance?

Not at all! I already knew the original versions by Mega NRG Man and King & Queen, so the song came easy, although I still sometimes mix up my lines…

P: What did you find the most challenging?

The biggest challenge was changing the sound of my voice! Eurobeat has a certain sound. Especially the Japanese fans love cute, high voices, so as someone who is used to singing the guy in duets… I was struggling haha.
But once I got that sound down and saw Dave’s happy face saying “That’s it!” I was so ready to tackle the song!

P: Is music something you would like to pursue professionally in the future?

I don’t think it will be a sustainable career choice, but having this as a continuous side project sounds like a dream! I’ve loved singing for as long as I’ve known, and for everyone that knows how loud I am, you can relate to my neighbors struggles.

P: In the past you have made a few workshops to help gals learn specific routines, and while I never ended up practicing to the point of actually being able to do it, it was super helpful!! Would you do that with this routine?

I already planned on filming an “踊ってみた”video (dance cover) like I already do on my own YouTube channel. But if there’s enough interest in a workshop video, I can of course make that happen!

P: Any fun behind the scenes stories?

A not so fun story is how Dave and Brian got their flight cancelled, which is why we had to continue shooting till 4am (and it even started raining at the end!!!).
We were originally going to shoot from 9am~ 9pm, but it ended up being 7pm~4am. Of which 4 hours were the “Spy”outside scenes, 1 hour was us performing in the venue, and the rest of it was literally just us randomly walking through the club like we were in Mean Girls. It must’ve looked really funny to the crowd!

Behind the Scenes at the MV shoot for Seventies
P: Are there any plans for more songs?

There are definitely more plans! There is 1 song in the making and after that…. depends on your support! So go spam Dave’s YouTube channel asking for more SpaceGirls!

P: If you could cover any song/dance, then what would it be?

I wouldn’t be able to name 1 song, but my favorite Eurobeat artists to dance to are Lolita and Virginelle, who were also produced by Dave, so who knows? Maybe I have no choice~~

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions, we hope to hear more from you in the future!!

 Click here to listen and purchase “Seventies” by Chris and The Space Girls!

Chris also models for us so check them out in our Volume 1 available for print now!

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