05 December 2019

B♡D -from 2000- Auditions! Who joins them?!

As we wrote about previously; from 2000 held auditions for their new member recently, and now they have released the auditions on their official channel! Who will join them?

All the gals that auditioned are very unique, cute and enthusiastic about joining -from 2000- so while you might not understand what they are saying we really recommend that you watch the video for some cute gyaru re-charge!


To make your life somewhat easier we stalked all of them to find their socials so take a look and follow if you want to!


Left to Right: Momo Fire (GenEX), Dededo (GenEX), ChanNana

Left to Right: Rimu (GenEX), Chamu (GenEX), Tomochin & Rubi
What did you think of the contestants?
Who would you have liked to see make it through? Let us know in the comments!
(EDIT: While we posted BD held their auditions and announced the contest winners!)

Now for some long awaited news!!

Black Diamond announced their runner ups so check out the video down below!


Not one, but two beautiful gals will be joining the -from 2000- gals from now so it will be exciting to see what they come up with from now on!! Big congrats to Dededo, Tomochin and ChanNana for making it so far!

Sadly, Dededo had to withdraw from the run-up due to some health conditions, so it will be up to Tomochin and ChanNana to work their hardest and become full fledged -from 2000- members. For the next three months the 2 new gals will be training and testing out the waters, and if all goes well they will become regular members!

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