02 January 2020

Gyaru Para Unite!!! DVD Project

[UPDATE: Deadline postponed due to COVID-19 until further notice]

A fellow gal named Kai has started a fun project for gals that love parapara! After being a paralist for some years herself, she decided to finally take the plunge and create a DVD! However for it to happen she will need help from the community!

Introducing a new video project for the gyaru community, GYARU PARA UNITE!!!

Gyaru Para Unite will be the community’s very own para para dvd/compilation, with the plan of making a full series in the future! All that’s required is to be gyaru and do a para para routine! New or expert it doesn’t matter! Mistakes are ok as the idea is for everyone to have fun!

🦋 Submission Guidelines:

  1. Four submissions per person
  2. If you submit as part of a group that counts as one of your submissions
  3. No duplicate routines (e.g if one person has already picked Ike Ike, you cannot do Ike Ike UNLESS you make-up your own routine)
  4. This means for songs with two separate routines (e.g Yeah – Christine has a para para routine and a techpara routine) do not count as duplicates
  5. Techpara, Trapara, and Firestep are allowed
  6. No medley’s/special performances (just for the first volume)
  7. Be gyaru!

Sign-Up Period (December 18th – January 20th)

Filming Period ( February 1st – March 31st)

Please make sure you check the Claimed Routines List before signing up! Routines are first come first serve! It should update as soon as someone signs up so if you sign up and don’t see it on the list refresh and wait a moment.

🦋 We love seeing these fun things happening in the community so we contacted Kai and got to ask her a few questions about parapara!

For how long have you been doing parapara? why did you start?

I started I want to say between 2010-2011. I went to a dancing panel at a con where they taught Night of Fire, but I didn’t really get super interested ’til I saw Hot Vampire on Youtube shortly after. 

Which came first for you, gyaru or parapara? 

I got interested in both around the same time but I definitely focused on para para first between 2011-2014; I knew nothing about make-up and I was a broke teenager so para para was more accessible. The funny thing about that is that I find a lot of my outfits inspired by the gyaru in para para DVDs especially the We Love Techpara series. 

What’s your favorite song/routine? 

Oooh this is a hard question! I usually separate these between para para and techpara since the sound and routines of both are very different. For para para my favorite song is Night Clubbin’ by Matt Land and for techpara it’s a tie between Amigos by La Cima and Everything’s Gonna Be Alright by John Robinson

How come you decided to take on such a big project?

There are two major reasons. First is cause I absolutely love eurobeat/parapara/90s dance in general to the point I’m actively collecting CDs and DVDs! I really want to share the love anyway I can and this is probably the most direct way I can think of doing it, especially since I remember people putting para para as new years resolutions often. The second is because I’ve been interested in video production and editing for even longer than gyaru but I’ve always felt like I don’t have much to show for it. Recently I decided focusing on jfashion in general will be a great way to help with that and a para para series was right up my alley.

Thank you so much for answering some questions and letting us feature your amazing project on here! We hope to see some amazing gals in it!!!

🦋 Please sign up down below!

Will you be joining as well? We have an inkling some Papillon gals might be planning to join so hopefully we’ll see lots of gorgeous gals having some parapara fun together!!

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