05 January 2021

Puchi News – December 2020

The gyaru world has been bustling with interesting things as of late so we thought it would be fun to do this new section where we share with you some small news! Namely “puchi news”!

Hopefully this can be a monthly thing, and you’ll enjoy it! Here’s some December 2020 highlights we caught up on!

🦋 Kyon Pregnant!

Beloved Kyon is now pregnant with her second child, as posted on her instagram! This will be her second child and has sadly not come witout trouble, but she got diagnosed with Uterine Myoma which had the risk of an early miscarriage. However, thankfully she is stable now and receiving support from her friends and family.

Big congrats to her and her family!!


🦋 Kato Mika Graduates Nuts!?

Kato Mika, a nuts model, pulls a prank on her fellow models, Maaya, Natsune and 8467, by telling them she’s graduating from the mag. They then proceed to read a letter from her handed by staff and told to prepare a farewell message for her. All in shock and looking quite sad read her letter until she jumps out to tell them it’s all just a lie!


🦋 Yotsu Pregnant & Getting Married!

Another Gal mama joins the Posse! Nuts model Yotsu announces her pregnancy and plans to get married! She met her now fiance when she was 18 years old and they have been together for 2 and a half a year now.

Despite the initial shock she’s now looking forward to welcoming her baby to the world!
After releasing the video she again announced her marriage on Instagram!


🦋 Nemoyayo Creates Her Own Clothing Brand!

We’ve been seeing a fair amount of Gals creating their own clothing lines and now Nemoyayo has joined this group with her brand, Clea’mondo!

Nemoyayo names her brand after her dog, Clea and mixes it with “Diamond” (written “Daiyamondo” in Japanese) making up Clea’mondo! She has some great items for sale so please check her out!


🦋 Aochanpe gets Hyaluronic Acid gel injections!

A little bit of gossip here and there never hurt anyone! Japanese models have always been very open about any surgeries or such that they get done, but Black Diamond model Aochan recently got Hyaluronic acid gel injections in her chest. The result seem to have pleased her greatly!


🦋 An Becomes an Exclusive Model!

Nuts models are high on our radar, but model An has recently been made an exclusive model for the magazine. Welcome to nuts mates, An!


🦋 Ayaka Becomes a Kyabajyo!

Many popular models have begun their careers as Hostesses and moved on to modeling.
Ayaka reveals in a new Youtube video that she has started working as a hostess, again, in a club in Ikebukuro.


🦋 Pito Opens an Estee Salon

Having always had problematic skin and struggling with gaining weight easily Pito felt inspired to open her own Estee Salon, BiBid, due to the confidence she received after learning how much Estee helped her with her problems.

These were our Puchi News of December 2020! Want to catch up on other gal news! Check out our News section!

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