12 April 2021

Gyaru 101: Ane Agejo


Next in our Gyaru 101 series we bring you “Ane Agejo”. Its fame was rather short lived, but its presence will always be there for many of us!

🦋 What is "Ane Agejo"?

Ane Agejo is a rather new style compared to many; it first gained some traction with brands like Delyle Noir and DaTuRa. It was often featured in 小悪魔ageha as well as Ane Ageha. However, it was not really known as its own style and would often be mixed with styles such as Agejo and Onee gyaru.

It’s a very beautiful style that deserved its own name and back in 2016 Emi&Lea coined the name of the style as Ane Agejo. “Ane” being a rougher word for older sister fits well as Ane Agejo is somewhat sexy but a bit more toned down as compared to Agejo.

🦋 Hair

Hair is usually in some shades of blonde or light brown. Styles range from short bobs with side bangs or long beautiful curls.

🦋 Makeup

Straight eyebrows, somewhat inspired by Korean makeup are often seen in Ane Agejo, makeup can often be similar to what Onee gyaru would do! You might see a lot of “cat eye” eyeshapes, brown eyeshadows and fluffy eyelashes. Many gals opt out of lower lashes even.

🦋 Clothing

Clothes for Ane Agejo are quite easily recognizable, DaTuRa and Delyle Noir where always the go-to brands, but now with both of them gone you would need to be a bit more resourceful. There are some pieces from Yumetenbo as well as Kyaba stores that would fit great and some older Lip Service pieces actually go great with Ane Agejo!
It’s worth to mention Strip Cabaret here as well but they’re a brand that popped up around 2015-16 among the biggest wave of Ane Agejo popularity. While they are not exclusively an Ane Agejo brand anymore there are definitely still quite a lot of items worth looking at in their store, even some fit for Onee gyaru!

It’s worthy to mention that “cheap” gyaru stores in abab Ueno as well as Alta in Shinjuku sometimes have clothes fitting for Ane Agejo!

🦋 Ane Agejo Shape & Styles

There have always been certain shapes and themes Ane Agejo sticks by closely. The clothes are often floral and have bejewel on the trims and lace plays a large role in many pieces.

The form of the clothing is pretty simple; peplum tops, a-line dresses and skirts as well as flared dresses. Often combined with a cardigan, sweater or a pretty jacket the outfits are always glamorous, playful and with a hint of sexy in them!




🦋 Tips to Aquire the Style

For Ane Agejo one of the most important thing to keep in mind is the shape and styles of clothing you wear; if you don’t have the correct silhouette you run the risk of not looking the part at all.
As such, the biggest tip we can give you is to try your best to find pieces of clothing as mentioned above that fit the Ane Agejo aesthetic and do your best from there!

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