01 April 2021

Gyaru 101: Obaa Gyaru

What is Obaa Gyaru?

Obaa meaning Grandma is the style you achieve automatically when you turn 30! In this age when Millenials and Gen Z constantly fight (friendly, we might add) over who is better, it has been said that 30 is “old”. Well, we have accepted our fate and are here to introduce you to this experienced substyle!


As you all know, side-swept bangs are our jam and we love them, but keeping it short is totally in once you hit that golden age!


These gals would do anything to not look their age, so dewy skin, with beautiful white contours and big dramatic eye makeup is what keeps them looking youthful!


Are you familiar with animal prints, Obaa Gyaru sure are!! They’ll wear everything animal print and absolutely rock it!!! Skinny jeans make this look come together, so never forget them!

Tips to Acquire the Style

Have you hit that golden age of 30? Sorry to tell you, but the majority has spoken and you are now an Obaa Gyaru, there’s no escaping it and no tips needed! Just be who you are!

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