25 January 2020

Galuxury Upcoming Events! Calling on Canada Gals!

Good news for the Canadian gals, but Galuxury has been working hard to bring you three events in the near future! They’re keeping busy preparing these for you, so please check them out if you’re in the area!

πŸ¦‹ Galuxury Upcoming Events

February 8th
From 3pm-5pm
Location: 192 Spadina Ave. (CSI Spadina room)

Brief overview of the origins of gal and advice.
Gal Makeup Workshop
Mini photoshoot

February 29th
Toronto Public Library Palmerston Theatre
560 Palmerston Avenue

πŸ¦‹  Parapara Showcase

May 22nd-24th
The Toronto Congress Centre



πŸ¦‹ Galuxury Meet and Greet

The Meet&Greet will be held by the “Toronto Gal and Jfashion meet up group“, a subgroup of Galuxury. This group was made with the goal in mind to grow, educate and unite local Canadian gals, newbies and other supporters!

This will be Galuxury’s first public meet up and Toronto’s first Gal centered event. There they will be teaching newcomers about gal fashion as well as makeup!

The gals of Galuxury will be giving a brief overview of the origins of Gal fashion as well as a makeup workshop where they help guide new gals with make up application, giving fashion advice, sharing their experiences and answering any questions.
After the makeup workshop, there will be a mini Valentine’s themed photo-shoot!

Please RSVP in their Facebook group!
Attendance is first come, first serve as their rented room has limited space.
In the future Galuxury plans to have more frequent meet ups as they would love to grow the local Gal community!


πŸ¦‹ R•C∀DE ParaPara Showcase

Hosted by R•C∀DE (read Arcade), a newly formed GTA dance group that covers KPOP, JPOP and anime dances! A key part of their identity is being “for all” people; people of all ages, identities and languages. 

Galuxury will perform Parapara for their Valentine’s themed performance, so please go check them out!

Get your ticket here!


πŸ¦‹ Anime North J-Fashion Show

Galuxury’s leader, Shar, will be in charge or the Gyaru part of the fashion show at Anime North this year!

While it’s still awhile until the models stroll down the catwalk, auditions have already started!
Check in with Shar to audition!

Check out Anime North’s Homepage for some info!

Will you be joining any of these events?

We’re always happy to see activity in the comm!
Do we have any Canadian gals here that will be joining any of these?

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