08 January 2020

Plutonium International Winter Meet

If one thing is true, it is that us gals really love having fun together! With that in mind the gals of Plutonium have decided to host an International Winter Meet this upcoming March!

This will be their first time hosting a meetup, and unlike the Annual Summer Meets this event will be more casual as they will not be renting a venue. However, Plutonium promises good food, fun shopping and of course lots of partying, Gyaru style!! The focus of this meet will be to get to know each other, so it’s gonna be a chill time with a lot of chatting to focus on the “Galism” of Gyaru meetups!

Keep an eye out for more details over at their Facebook page!

PLUTONIUM Gyaru-Sa was founded in 2014. Their members are Barbara, Ramona, Yaya and Peg. They’re a Group of very close Friends that all share the same Passion for d.i.a clothes and wear mostly Tsuyome Gyaru, Rokku Gyaru and casual Gyaru styles!

Who’s gonna be joining Plutonium gals at this International Meet to recharge their “Galism”?

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