04 June 2020

Full Face for Beginners! What do you need?

Seeing as our next issue centres around helping beginners, we thought it would be great to get some of our experienced gals to give you all some tips on their styles, and make it as cheap as possible! We all know how it is to start a new style, or even change one, how money and time consuming it can be, and we wanted to make it easier for you all!

The lovely gals that are helping us today are Danielle (Hime Gyaru), Chris (Tsuyome), Lea (Onee Gyaru), Georgie (Old School), Bambi (Banba) and Hale (Manba). We hope that these experienced Gals can help you get even better, while possibly saving some money!

Danielle - Hime Gyaru

Danielles' tips on achieving that Hime Gyaru look:

Danielle’s chosen brand is the British brand Revolution.

I like to use pastel shimmery eye shadow colours and a bright pink blush for hime looks to really show the princess-y look. Then I also like to make sure my eyeliner wings on the inner and outer corners are sharp by using The Line Revolution. Afterwards I like filling in between the lashes using the Supreme Black Flick Liner.

Danielle's recommendations:

Foundation: Matte Base Foundation £5
Concealer: Conceal & Correct Banana  £4
Powder: Loose Baking Powder   £5
Highlighter: Diamond Girls Best Friend highlighter   £5
Blush: Blush Opulence Compact   £6.72
Contour: Reloaded Palette Iconic 3.0  £5
Eyeshadow Palette: Unicorn’s Heart eyeshadow palette  £6.99
Eyeliner: The Liner Revolution   £5
Eyeliner: Supreme Black Flick Liner £4
Mascara: The Waterproof Mascara Revolution  £8
Lips: Lipstick Collection Pinks in Tell Your Friends £7
Setting spray: Guava and Rose setting spray  £6

Total: 63.71£

Shipping with Revolution is £2.99 domestic(free for over £30) and £3.95(free for orders over £45) to most European countries, and free to America for over $50. Some countries do not offer free shipping.


Chris - Tsuyome

Chris's tips on achieving that Tsuyome look:

Chris choose Essence with a multifunctional palette from Beauty Bay and two items from MUA PRO.

After applying the foundation, place the concealer on the sides of your nose for the nose stripe and under the eyes.
I use the brow pencil for the perfect blonde brows and namidabukuro (under eye bags), and set that with the colour “bare necessity” from the Beautybay Bright matte palette, which I also use as my contour colour for both my cheekbones and nose.

Then I use a mix of “strawberry bonbon” and “koi” from the same palette as my blush.
For highlighter, I use the essence highlighter on my nose bridge, inner corner/namidabukuro and cupids bow.

I cover my entire eyelid from crease to lash line in “preppy pecan” from the same BrightMatte palette and blend it out with “bare necessity”. I put the eye-pencil in the inner half of my waterline and finish the rest of my eyeliner with the essence liquid ink eyeliner. Smoke out the lower liner with “illicit” and use any colour you feel like, I used “pacific dreams”.

Lastly, I put mascara on the inner half of my lower lashes, and finish off the look by applying a nude lip colour.


Chris's recommendations:

Concealer: BASE Full Coverage Concealer 2,50£
Foundation: BASE Long Wear Matte Finish Foundation
Powder: all about matt! fixing compact powder $ 3.99
Eyebrows: eyebrow designer $ 1.99
Eyebrow mascara: make me brow eyebrow gel mascara $ 2.99
Highlighter: pure nude highlighter $ 4.99
From the palette Chris uses preppy pecan + sea mist + pacific dreams for contour and  strawberry bonbon + koi for blush.
Mascara: the false lashes mascara extreme volume and curl $ 4.99
Eyeliner:  superlast eyeliner waterproof $ 3.99
Eye pencil:  longlasting eye pencil $ 2.99
Lips: ultra last instant colour lipstick $ 4.99

Total: 63,36$


Shipping from Essence is free for over 15$. Shipping from Beauty bay is between £3.95 and £14.95 domestic. International shipping depends on where you are located.


Lea - Onee Gyaru

Lea's tips on achieving that Onee look:

Lea’s chosen brand is the American brand Colorpop.

As many of you know that are familiar with Onee Gyaru, it is a more toned down “Older sister style” as compared to say, Rokku Gyaru. That does in no sense mean you need less makeup, not at all! You still need to have your basics down.

You can go heavy with your makeup in Onee gyaru, go for that smokey eye, work on that amazing cat eye! I personally find that a thin eyeliner on the eyelid is better as it gives a softer look, but the wing itself could def be thick if it gives the desired look for you!

As for shadows, shimmery browns are really great for Onee Gyaru, but colours are so much fun and I have definitely been experimenting more myself with colours too!

I choose Colorpop as they have a wide selection that would not only be great for your Onee Gyaru needs, but for so many styles as well!!

Above all I personally love their eye shadows the most due to their wide array of palettes and singles as well as how easy they are to use! Their eye shadows have great pigments and they have super pretty vibrant colours!


Lea's recommendations:

Primer: Hyaluronic Hydrating Primer 12$
Tinted moisturizer: Hyaluronic tinted moisturizer 14$
Concealer: Hyaluronic concealer 9$
Loose powder: Loose setting powder 9$
Highlighter: Flexitarian 8$
Contour: Spectacle 7$
Blush: Birthday suit 8$
Setting spray: Hydrating setting mist 12$
Eybrow pencil: Brow boss pencil 5.50$
Eyeshadow palette: Through my eyes palette 24$
Glitter: The rose standard 8$
Eyeliner: felt-tip liquid liner 8$
Mascara: bff mascara

Total: 133.5$


Shipping with Colorpop is free for 20$ domestic (America) and 50$ international.
You can always Google “Colorpop Coupon” to find good deals, most times you can get up to 20% off!


Georgie - Old School

Georgies's tips on achieving that Old School look:

Georgie’s chosen brand is the German brand Essence.

Since old school makeup looks best on tanned face, I like to use a darker foundation. Even if you’re not so tanned, don’t be afraid to make your face a tone or 2 darker, we’re talking about a very carefree and goofy attitude towards makeup!

Firstly, the eye shadows can be white, silver or light blue, since we want them to be very visible on the dark makeup. Secondly, don’t blend too much, and put them a little over the crease. 
Similarly, you can also use the white eye shadow as the white contour on your nose and inner corners of the eye, and of course under your eyes as well. We basically frame the eyes with light colours.
Thin eyebrows are very important for old school makeup. They can be light or a little darker, as long as they look flat and thin, and an arch will give it extra points!
Next, use the black eye pencil to make the frame of your eye shape under your actual eye shape, I like to make the line pretty thick on the outer corner. The white pencil is for the inner corners of the eye.
For this type of makeup I like to use bronzer as blush, but not too much. The highlights are more important in this makeup type; white stripe on your nose. And my favourite point in this makeup; put white eye shadow mixed with white highlighter from the inner corners of your eyes and smear it down toward your cheeks.
At last nude/light colored lips are very important! You can use only nude gloss or a little bit of concealer under it.

Georgie's recommendations:

Foundation: Soft touch mousse makeup 5.99
Eyeshadow base: I love stage eye shadow base 3.49
Eyebrow pencil: Eyebrow designer 1.99
Eyeliner: Eyeliner pen waterproof 2.99
Eyepencil: Kajal pencil 1.49 (Black&White)
Total: 53.38

Shipping with Essence is always free over 15$

Bambi - Banba

Bambi's tips on achieving that Bamba look:

Bambi’s choice of brand is the American brand NYX.

I started with the under eye makeup first. Using a white glitter from the Glacier palette in the inner eye corner. Then I sweep a black colour on the outside, blending them together.

Next I take the Epic Ink eyeliner and create a thin line underneath the shadow. It’s almost like creating under eye bag. Take the white eyeliner again and then sweep it into the top lid. Take a black shadow from the Disco Foil palette and place that into the outer eye corner. After doing so I fill in my eyelids with the slide on pencil in black.

After finishing the eyeliner apply top and bottom lashes. I use the Diamond lash brand for both top and bottom. But you can also look for eyelashes in your local beauty supply for something with a similar shape. Make sure to stack lashes to make the makeup look more full. After that extend your eyeliner on your top lid to give your eyes a larger shape.

Next I fill in my eyebrows with the Auto Eyebrow pencil to give them a slightly lighter color since they are dark. You then want to tap a silver and white foil shadow above and below the brow.

Next take the NYX Jumbo pencil and create your nose stripe. You want this to be blended out very well. Now you can add a white glitter shadow on top to set the nose stripe.
As for blush you want a combination of pink and orange, definitely go hard with this to define your cheeks! And once you’re done you can add a slight highlight above the blush using the Gleam Booster Highlighter.
To finish this look you want to use the jumbo pencil again to fill in your lips. I like to add a bit of lip gloss on top to give the white a little softer look.


Bambi's recommendations:

Eyeshadows: Glitter Goals Cream Quad Palette -Glacier $12.00
Palette: Love Lust Disco Foil Play Pigment Pallette- Let’s groove $10.00
Eyepencil: Nyx jumbo eye pencil – Milk color $4.50
Eyepencil: Slide on Pencil $8.00
Eyeliner: Epic Ink Liner $9.00
Eyebrow pencil: Auto eyebrow pencil $4.75
Blush: High definition blush Orange & Pink color $6.50
Highlighter: California beamin glow booster $10.00
Lips: Filler instinct plumping lip polish – Clear Color $7.00

Total: 71,75$


NYX is available in many countries and there are websites to order their makeup from, so shipping costs vary depending on where you are located.


Hale - Manba

Hale's tricks on achieveing that Manba look:

Hale choose the brands Colorpop and Maybelline and shows us how easy it is to do manba on a budget.

Manba makeup comes up above the eyebrows! Shave off half your eyebrow, or the whole thing, in order to achieve this shape. Bring the white down onto your cheeks as well. Some shapes are disconnected, like whiskers or white ovals, and some are connected to the eye makeup above! Keep in mind that this is the most extreme gyaru style (manba and yamanba), so GO CRAZY!
If you are pale you do have to try harder to have the white stand out, so definitely invest in good white makeup!

This concealer by Colorpop is PURE WHITE!!! You heard me. That makes it PERFECT for manba! I recommend following it up with some translucent setting powder or pure white eyeshadow to help avoid creasing. Since white makeup is the defining characteristic of manba, it’s essential to find a good product that won’t smear or fade. And this one shows up great on darker skintones, too!

Maybelline is really good for the price! I adore their foundations, and their liquid liner is super affordable!


Hale's recommendations:

Foundation: Dream Satin Liquid foundation 9.99$
Concealer: Matter full coverage concealer – fair 00 7$
Eyeliner: Tattoo Studio™ Liquid Ink Eyeliner 7.99$

Total: 24.98$


Shipping for Colorpop is free if you buy for more than 50$. For Maybelline you should be able to easily find it close to you, otherwise you can find a variety of vendors selling it online. Shipping will depend on where you are located.


We really hope this post helped you with the beginning, and even for those of you who have been doing Gal for a while! Stay tuned for Volume 2 as it will bring you even more helpful beginner tips!

Do you have any other cheap brands you yourself use or know of that could be of help to beginners? Tell us in the comments!

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