12 June 2020

Sex Work and Gyaru – Interview with Sorami

Gyaru has always been hyper sexualized through popular media due to their clothing choices, actions and in many cases due to their work in the sex industry. Of course not all styles would fall under the sexy umbrella, but there is no denying that most gyaru tags are saturated with sexy imagery.

This is not without reason; but girls in Japan are often known for different ways of acquiring what they want; getting sugar daddies, working as kyaba, going into AV or other similar work that might fall under the sex work umbrella.

The “sugar daddy”, or papa-san as usually called in Japan is a common practice between Gyaru. While this might be frowned upon by “normal” people, it’s not uncommon to see gal with their papa-san shopping in Shibuya or Shinjuku.

This along with the numerous aisekiya (all you can eat and drink “bars”, free for girls, men usually pay a hefty price) all over Japan show us how normalized different type of sex work is in Japan.

Now, we’re sure a few gals have become aware of Sorami recently; she is an AV gyaru actress, her main style being Manba! Late last year she started twitter, her style is great and seeing as she is a sex worker as well we thought it would be interesting to get some insight from her!

🦋 Can you tell us your name, age and place of birth?

Sorami Aichi, 22 (will be 23 this year)

🦋 When and why did you decide to be gyaru? What makes a gyaru gyaru to you?

To begin with I was a yankee, I wore Playboy sweats, boxers and Sukajyan. Despite not having a job I was boyish and a damn brat. All the girls around me had boyfriends, and while I wanted one too it wasn’t really happening, then I realized that it was due to my look lol

So I tried changing my clothes, but women’s fashion is difficult so I didn’t really know what I was doing… I like standing out and want to do things that are different to others, and then I noticed that if I use my “women’s weapons” people will look. Then as I did things differently to others I wore gaudy clothes and became gyaru.

I started going a lot to the tanning salon, learned about para para and at the same time learned about manba. I thought it was super cute lol. My gyaru is someone that doesn’t care what others think and does all the cute things they they want lol

That’s why lately even if my skin isn’t dark or I’m not manba, if I think I’m cute I’m gyaru lol

🦋 Were you always into manba or did you start from a different substyle?

I always did para para so I tanned and had gaudy hair lol I love dancing so when I researched about parapara I found manba and since it stands out more I thought it was cute and started doing it lol

🦋 Do you look up to any gal?

Maybe everyone lol Everyone that’s more gyaru than me lol
More than looking up to they’re like an information bank so I can learn a lot lol

🦋 Why did you decide to go into AV?

I get excited being looked at, sex work is my calling lol
Besides that, I’ve also been interested in modeling since a while ago.

🦋 What made you decide to do AV as a manba?

Because I want to live the life I love lol Just how I am!
If there are any request I’ll do whatever though lol

🦋 Do you have any hobbies or something you like doing in your free time?

Marine sports, surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, dance… fade into non-existence… I love nature so I watch the moon, go to the mountains and the sea! lol

🦋 Do you have any interesting stories to share with us from when you were filming AV?

A funny incident happened when we were filming “Super amateur. Cheeky girls club!! Even if they act strong, they’re p***y is wet like a springtime rhapsody”. There was a scene where the boyfriend was made to drink an aphrodisiac, but in the scene before that the actor was using lotion so his hands were super slippery and he couldn’t really get it out and was really struggling.

Despite this they continued filming, it was too much for me so I burst out laughing lol
I just completely lost it!!! They had to cut the scene because of me lol

🦋 I saw on your Twitter bio that you’re opening a pub? What kind of a place will it be?

I want to become famous so I want to do all kinds of promotions! I really want to become super popular! lol

🦋 You already have quite a few fans in the gaijin gyaru community, were you aware that there is a big community overseas?

I know lol

🦋 Thank you so much for doing an interview with us! As a goodbye, do you have any message to the gaijin gyaru community?

Japan is the birthplace of gyaru, gyaru is Japan’s history lol I’m so happy to be loved lol I’ll become an even better gyaru! Let’s recruit even more gyaru! Lol Let’s not be bothered about other people looking and keep doing what we want, let’s do all the cute things! Lol That’s my gyaru spirit!!!!! lol

🦋 What are your thoughts?

Sorami is such a bubbly, interesting person! I definitely cannot express her quirky way of speaking properly in English, but I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about her!

There’s so many sides to being gyaru, but we don’t often get insight into a Japanese gals’ life, especially one in sex work! On a bit of a different note; we interviewed Marchirin of Black Diamond in Volume 2 so don’t forget to take a look!

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