17 June 2020

Gyaru 101: Onee Gyaru

Lets talk about gyaru's elder sister style, onee gyaru!

🦋 What is Onee Gyaru?

Onee gyaru is quite great as it’s relatively easy to dress up as one; they follow the trends more than other substyles which makes it easier to shop non-brand and clothes are more readily available. No matter what the weather is like – Onee Gyaru is adaptable!
For the past few years long dresses and skirts have been taking over in many scenes, and this is true for Onee Gyaru as well! Which is perfect for colder countries as even through freezing, blowing winds you can be fashionable!
Some of us are very stubborn and might not be bothered by the cold, but at some point we start to care more, so more fabric might be appreciated.

However it is pretty easy to miss the mark when you transition from a more eccentric style to this one if you do not have the foundation down! So, we are going to go over some key points to help you gals step up your game!


When doing Onee Gyaru, like any other style, you need to look at the whole picture! Try loose wavy hairstyles (that means no tight curls!).
It is important to remember that even if Onee gyaru is more toned down, you should try to always curl your hair and stay away from straight hair as to not make the look too toned down and risk not looking gyaru at all. This seems really simple and in a way it is, but it is very easy to miss the mark.

Onee Gyaru is toned down – yes! However it’s still high maintenance so don’t confuse it with being easy compared to other styles.


Sport cat eyeliner reaching all the way to your inner corners. Switch to eyelash extensions or toned down lashes (as in not as extreme and spiky as many of the other sub-styles).
Onee Gyaru sport a lot of browns as well as smokey eye looks amazing! Glitter and sexy makeup is what you want to go for, but no need to fear colors as they can really compliment your look!

Then of course, there are the contacts. Even if you follow a Japanese gyaru eye makeup from a-z, it is going to look totally different on you. If you do not adapt it to your features, you might not manage to get the look right. This is why practicing and trying new things is so important!
Seeing how Onee Gyaru is compared to other styles quite toned down, it would be safe to say that the contacts play a really big part in tying the look together. Especially if you do not have Asian features! You can have a great look going on, but the wrong contacts will throw the whole look off balance. Best contacts are the ones with thin-to no black ring and 3-colors in them, gradient. Often times described as half (ha-fu), then referencing someone that is half Japanese-half foreigner. If you’re unsure, hazel contacts do the look a great justice!

If you however are not capable of using contacts for whatever reason, do not panic! Make sure you have all the aspects down to a T, and you won’t have to worry!

Onee gyaru is a style that is great to turn to when you have mastered another sub-style. You might need to tone down for work, but still want to be gyaru. If you are already used to the more heavier styles then Onee Gyaru should be easier to do well as you should already know what constitutes as Gyaru and what not.


Clothes used to be more formfitting and short, showing as much of skin as possible. But in the last 3-4 years the tides have been turning and long flowy dresses and skirts have been taking over.
While Onee Gyaru uses all colors and patterns depending on what is in fashion at what time, they do not mix a lot of colors and crazy patterns together.

Extra Tip!

Onee Gyaru has always had prevalent  magazines to bring you the style, BLENDA was great as well as nuts!

We recently posted about this; nuts revived online with web content, and while they use the “Ane” term more than “Onee” we hope to see them make an actual magazine someday!

Ane Ageha is of course still alive and kicking and offer online download for those that don’t feel it necessary to have a physical copy.

Onee Gyaru is subtle yes, but not to be confused with easy!

I would like to end by saying that none of these rules are definite, but they are good to follow while you are getting the hang of what Onee Gyaru really is and how to best get it to suit you.

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