01 June 2020

Stay Home & Para Para

There’s a bit of a Para Para ripple at the moment happening online. You may have noticed it on TikTok and YouTube. When record label Avex re-uploded a classic medley, it came as quite a pleasant surprise, but a good motivation to stay home & para para!

Do you recognise any of these kogals? These gorgeous gals are; Marie, Yuki, Satoko, Maipu and Rumiringo.

Avex also shared the new Egg All Stars Para Para videos. These covers are not loved by all and the lyrics are pretty silly but I hope you can still enjoy them and dance along.

Stay Home & Para Para Project

Since the Stay at Home started, Avex has uploded dozens of videos for their Stay Home & Para Para project. Helpfully someone has collected them into a playlist for easy watching HERE.

For more content the International community also has their own collection of videos, saved under the “Para Para against COVID19”.

Para Para lovers can also been found on TikTok from both new and ex gyaru. Just use the hashtag #パラパラダンス (Para Para Dance) and fall down that hole of content.

And if you want to learn more para para and about para para, you can check this post HERE.


Deshima Sounds - Paradise

Recently Netherlands based Deshima Sounds put together an all day (11 hours long!) event for the international community of Eurobeat and Hyper Techno lovers. The event featured several different DJs from all around the world, some with live feed from the dj booth, some with para para videos, and some with anime backgrounds. Dozens of people from the Para Para International community attended. To enjoy it even more, a handful of people made their own little zoom chats for drinking and dancing together and many more joined in the twitch feed chat. “TMASO” a spanish internet slang meaning “good tune” became the popular spam word of the day. 

The event is still viewable on Twitch.

SEF Deluxe

SEF is an event usually held at Maharaja in Roppongi, Tokyo. The DJs each have their own style and the dancers really put a lot of energy and effort in. It’s always a fun time and the online event was too. I really hope they do another one before lockdown ends.

Watch it on YouTube.

Eurobeat Stadium

Eurobeat Stadium is a relatively new team that has been around approximately a year yet already put on some really impressive events including hosting special guests such as Dave Rodgers. Their focus seems to be on fun and inclusion so definitely check them out.

See parts of their online event here on twitch.

LiveALive Eurobeat Yaruyo

Honestly I don’t know much about this event, I just got told about it last minute in discord, when I tuned in it was really interesting because they had a zoom call you could dial into and they would then include your dancing video behind the dj in real time. It just goes to show once you get into these events you will find more and more of them.

Watch on Twitch.

Socials and upcoming events

Supporting Eurobeat

If you like Eurobeat music please consider supporting the scene with these fundraisers.

Join the kickstarter for a brand new Eurobeat CD to be produced with all new songs, pledge options range from a digital CD to the full back catalog of the Kudos series. Options start at only €10 so please help support making eurobeat history.

Arguably one of the most famous Para Para clubs of all time, Maharaja is at real risk of closing down due to economic difficulties caused by the lockdown. If you would like to help support them you can by buying limited edition items. The site requires a Japanese address to use, so you may need a shopping service like Tenso to use

Big thanks to everyone in the Para Para international community who helped me get all this info together. I love you guys and hope to see some of you at a future Agefarre. - Marisa (Risa)

 Article written by Marisa (Risa) 💜

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