10 June 2020

Volume 2 – For Beginners! Read now!

Good things are always better late than never, this rings true with Papillon as well! As most of you are probably already aware of, we had announced release to be at the end of May.

We had a few minor setbacks, mostly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that pushed the release date back. And in light of BLM, we decided to push it back even further out of respect for this important fight. Now that we have finally released this issue, we hope you all enjoy it!

🦋 What does Volume 2 have to offer?

Our Beginner’s Guide is sure to leave no-one disappointed!

In this issue you will find:
Gyaru sub-style Timeline
Gyaru Quiz
Helpful Tips for Beginners
Feature on Gyarusa’s of the World
Broke Bitch Guide
Pride Interviews
Gyaru Stores

Along with our special feature on the French Gyaru Unit Gyaransu!

Whether you’re a little Baby Gal or one of our Mama Gals, you’re bound to LOVE Volume 2!

🦋 Don't miss out on other fun stuff!

As per usual we try to do some fun things for our readers, and our “1000 follower giveaway!” is something you shouldn’t let slide by!

Following our Beginner’s Guide we will be working on all kinds of “Gyaru 101” articles for the blog, but you can expect some sub-style fun soon enough! We already have a parapara 101 as well a helpful makeup guide for our beginners up so remember to take a look at that if you haven’t already.

Along those we hope to bring you any news from the comm and other fun gyaru articles as always!

🦋 BLM & Pride

June is Pride month and as such we wanted to do something special for that. We interviewed two of our fellow gals, Ethan and Marchirin and hope you will enjoy a little insight into their thoughts!

Many of you are aware of the long-standing battle against systematic racism that has soared to new heights this past week after the murder of George Floyd. We at Papillon wholeheartedly support the fight for equality and are appalled by the injustice and brutality we see so often.

Please stay safe out there and keep fighting.

Here are some resources for you to do your part

🦋 Read Volume 2 here!

Big thanks to all our models and staff!

We hope you will share with us what you thought of Volume 2 either down in the comments section or tag any of our socials with your thoughts of the mag!

As always we appreciate all the love and support we are receiving and hope to hear some feedback from you!

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