28 January 2021

Ex Morning Musume Member Tanaka Reina Voices for Gyaru Manga Super Baby!

This post is taken from ex Morning Musume’s member, Tanaka Reina. But she recently voiced the role of Tamao from Super Baby.

Yappi— Recently I got to do the voice acting of Tamao from the manga Super Baby for a promotional video! It’s been sooooooo long since I last voice acted and I couldn’t really do it as well as I wanted… Voice actors are so amazing!! This was really a day of me constantly thinking “I want to learn voice acting”.

Thanks to Super Baby Tanaka Reina is Dying to Become a Voice Actor!

As an artist I believe that there are so many important factors to being an voice actor! I really want to be BETTEEERRRRR!!!!

I’ve been interested in voice acting, so this was my opportunity to try it and see that I actually would love to do this as a job.

This was such a fun and meaningful recording day.

I really did my best, but with only my voice I felt it turned out rather stiff…
However it was so much fun and I hope you will check it out!

The manga is being serialized on “Manga Trail” so please check it out and read it!

I love Tamao so much that I can only see her as myself now lol

We’re glad to see the obsession with Tamao doesn’t stop with us here at Papillon!
Watch the video and check out Tanaka Reina’s Blogpost here!

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