21 January 2021

Yumachi Gives Birth to a Baby Boy

Yumachi recently gave birth to a baby boy. It didn’t go as smoothly as hoped but she writes all about it on her blog, which we have translated down below! Catch up on more gyaru news here!

🦋 Yumachi & Baby Boy Profile

Name: Takahashi Yuma
Birthday: 21st of October, 1988
Blood Type: O
Birthplace: Kanagawa

Baby Boy
Time of Birth: 18th of November 2020 at 15:40
Born after 37 weeks and 3 days.
Weight: 3290 grams
Height: 50.6cm

🦋 Yumachi's Post About the Birth

I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. He came a little earlier than expected.

On the 16th I got such a severe pain in my left hip that I could not sleep, so on the 17th I called the doctor half crying. I then went to the hospital where they told me that my left renal pelvis had hydronephrosis.

Due to this I got hospitalized so that they could treat me and do more examinations.
After getting some pain medicine and getting another examination they saw that my right renal pelvis was swelling as well.

The cause for the hydronephrosis was pressure on the uterus and could damage the kidneys so we could not wait for the set date. Thus it was decided that I would have a Caesarean section on the 18th.
I really didn’t think I’d be hospitalized and have my baby due to this so I was so shocked!!!

Then I was also shocked by my babies size! Every time I went in for a check up we were told he would be around 2600-2900 grams, but very unexpectedly he was over 3000 grams!!!

When I talked to my doctor they said that even if we had waited for the due date my baby is so big that he wouldn’t have gone through the pelvic bone lol

🦋 Thankful for Everyone

“You really don’t know what happens during a pregnancy”

Is something I often told to myself, but I really got to experience and know it for myself! I didn’t have any morning sickness and had a very good pregnancy, but then I suddenly got hospitalized due to severe pain and had to get a Caesarean section… it was really scary and I was anxious about many things!

But, after over coming these difficulties and safely meeting my cute baby boy I again thought that giving birth is such a miracle. I am so thankful for my doctors, midwife and baby who gave it their best.

Visits aren’t allowed so I really can’t wait to get discharged and have him meet his daddy.
Oh yeah, Baby is called “Chi-kun”. Since we learned the sex we decided on the name quickly and have been calling him chi-kun!
His newly born face is exactly the same as my face when I was just born lol

I’ve been giving him milk and such, but he’s so cute, so cute, and I’ve become like a stupid parent lol

I really can’t wait for the three of us to live together! I hope you can kindly watch over us.

Thank you so much for making me your mother, thank you for being born.

Let’s grow together.

Huge congrats to Yumachi! Check out her original blog post here!

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