12 January 2021

Gyaru 101: Agejo

It’s been a hot minute since we updated on our Gyaru 101 series, hope you didn’t miss it too much!
We’re back now thanks to the lovely Lizzie who will tell us all about Agejo!

🦋 What is "Agejo"?

Agejo gyaru is one of the sexier and glamorous substyles of gyaru; they are the perfect image of a hostess gal with their big curly hair and flashy lace details on their skirts (often bought from the famous gyaru brand called MA*RS)! Let’s dive in and take a look at agejo in more detail….


🦋 Hair

We’ve already mentioned that agejo features big and curly hair, and it’s true – most of the hairstyles featured in Koakuma Ageha (小悪魔アゲハ), which we’ll talk about later, are big and beautiful. Straight hairstyles are becoming more common now that the style has toned down but, traditionally speaking, it is very over-the-top.


🦋 Makeup

Like all gyaru styles, agejo makeup is very dramatic. There is an emphasis on long upper and lower lashes with lots of liner! Pink lippy is very prevalent as well as a lot of blush.


Key examples of agejo style is often found in 小悪魔 Ageha, a popular gyaru magazine aimed at those in their late teens and early 20s who loved sexy and cute fashion. The most unique thing about it was that it was also aimed at those who worked in the hostess industry, and most of their models – like Emiri Aizawa – worked in hostess clubs.


🦋 Agejo Brands

By now, agejo is unfortunately a “dead” style (meaning that there aren’t new releases of typically agejo style clothing) but the most famous agejo brand was MA*RS. However, other agejo brands included GOLDS Infinity and Lip Service as well as stores like Yumetenbo, but if you want to get agejo clothing you’ll have to shop them second hand.


🦋 What's left now?

All of the examples above are what I would coin as “traditional agejo”; unfortunately that style isn’t common amongst gyaru anymore (although it is worn a lot by gaijin gyaru) as loads of agejo gyaru brands have either toned down or completely changed their look. Agejo has toned down a lot over the years into an entirely new form called Ane Agejo. Ane Agejo is a mixture between Onee gyaru and Agejo. There is still a hint of sexiness to the overall appearance, but things like the hairstyles and clothes are a lot softer.

And that’s it! Hope this helps you in your agejo journey, and I have more agejo gyaru advice on my blog (such as the Things Every Agejo Gyaru Should Have)!

Lizzie, a gal blogger, and our gorgeous model, passionately writes about all things gyaru and is here to tell us all she knows about Agejo!

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