14 January 2021

Michopa on Infidelity, Leaving Home & Her Ex-Bfs Arrest

In the year of 2020, Michopa (22 years old) got ranked in fourth place among female talents appearances on TV. Considering that 1 through third place are all talents with a regular show of their own it would mean that Michopa is one of the HOTTEST talents of today!

With the nickname “Chatty Machine” she seems free and wild, but is actually serious and has some rules for herself she always follows. For example; no ghost locations, no gravure or any jobs that exploit her body. This interview is full of her spirit.

About Michopa

Full Name: Ikeda Miyu
Birthday: 30th of October, 1998.
Blood-type: A
Birthplace: Shizuoka Prefecture

After being elected by other teen girls she debuted as an exclusive model for the magazine “Popteen” under her nickname, Michopa.

She has walked the runway many times on big fashion shows like TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION and Girls Award. Now she appears on TV variety shows quite regularly.


About Marriage

I want to get married and have a baby before I turn 25 years old. When I become I mom I want to teach communication, how to deal with people and really get them to learn proper manners.
I’m not very smart so I have to marry a smart person, or else it won’t work out! lol 
Before I really liked mischievous guys, but now I just want someone normal. This is a no brainer, but they have do be a proper person lol Like, someone that thinks about the future and has savings.

About Infidelity

At this point in time it’s kinda like, if I’d get cheated on and it’d be done without me knowing I’d probably be fine with it lol
However, If I’d find out I’d investigate thoroughly and make him apologize lol

In the case I find a boyfriend, due to the lack of trust in gyaru, I’d delete all non-essential contacts and never contact other guys on my own accord. I don’t want there to be any mistrust so I’d let him know clearly that he can look at my phone. Before he asks and before he starts thinking something weird.

About Gyaru

When I was in middle school I looked up to gyaru, whenever I’d go out in my school uniform I’d wear loose socks. I really thought that just wearing loose socks made me gyaru lol Since it made it look like I had a full set of gyaru clothes.

Again in middle school suddenly the group of friends I was on good terms with decided they all hated me so I started thinking that maybe being by myself was easier. During breaks I’d take out my phone and go to the bathroom as I found the classroom loud. I’d go to Shibuya and even join a circle.
During my 3rd year I created an event circle and organized events. Since there were grownups in this too I guess I learned “Hou-ren-sou” (report-contact-consult[editor note; this is a Japanese saying often used in a workplace that people can be very strict about]) there. But, after all, I think gyaru is a mindset.

About Shibuya

When I was in my first year of middle school I went through this rebellious phase. At the time I wouldn’t go to school and just go to Shibuya instead.
My school was quite strict so while I wanted to pierce my ears and dye my hair, I wasn’t allowed to do anything I liked. I would pretend to go to school and sleep by the banks of Arakawa river, then go home once my mom had left for work, do my makeup and then go to Shibuya lol
I really was the most gyaru I could be at that time, right!

About Leaving Home

I left home for about a month and stayed at my friends home. My friends parents were really kind and just said “there’s times like that” lol

My mom just told me to do as I please, I think she thought I’d just come home when I got tired of it. Why did I go back home? My mom cancelled my phone contract… I can’t live without my phone so I went back home… lol

About My Mom

My mom worries about everything, since forever.
But, I have always been a trouble child, so I think she understood me. When I left home she never tried to forcefully have me come home.

Sometimes I’d complain to my mom and she’d respond with something like “oh yeah, I thought so too”, but it’d never stop at that and she’d make it into something more so I found it troublesome. After that I ignore her lol.
She’s not a gyaru I look up to nor do I have any interest in out of date people. However, we would often listen to Ayu’s songs together.

About My Friends

I have 5-6 friends, it’s a small group, but a deep friendship.
It’s refreshing and doesn’t feel troublesome at all, we can say quite a lot to each other.
I often get consulted on various things; to some I should give strong advice, but others are the type to get disheartened when talked to firmly so I try to adjust how I deal with people depending on such things.
However, when it comes to myself I deal with it on my own. I’m quicker when I think about it by myself so I often just tell my friends about it after I settled it. lol

About My Time at Home

When my job is done I’m really just always at home. Basically I play games a lot. I like online games, puzzle games on my phone, and I play Animal Crossing too, I like all genres. I also have a pet dog and that feels like a break on its own.

Gyaru have the image of being “party people”, but I find that troublesome. lol

About My First Love

I got my first boyfriend my second year in middle school, he was four years older. He was very grown-up, but we broke up after a month lol

About My Ex

I like people who are fun to be with and I don’t get tired of.
However, for some reason, they’re all BloodType A and bad at singing and hand, feet coordination lol

Basically I like someone who is like a friend, so I have never fallen in love at first sight.
That way you have shown who you are and don’t have to start from zero, then it’s also not bothersome lol. I have suddenly thought “omg I like him!” and then even if it’s just for one minute I’d go meet him. When I get smitten I’m like a young maiden lol

About My First Love Confession

The first time I confessed my love happened in my third year of middle school. He’s the longest relationship I’ve had huh… From third year of middle school to my first year of high school, we dated for about one and a half a year. The first time we met he was a player who asked for my LINE right away, but I had a boyfriend at the time so I told him it was not possible. Not to forget, the girl he was with at the time was my friend from where I grew up and we were on good terms, so he was like a Senpai to me.

However, the guy I was dating was sent to a juvenile center… I talked about it on TV before but the police came one morning and arrested him “Good Morning Arrest”. At the same time all my other senpais got arrested so it was just us left supporting each other… lol
I couldn’t meet my boyfriend and and would cry all the time from being lonely but after about half a year my feelings started clearing up. At that time the first boyfriend I ever confessed to was the one closest to me. So I told my boyfriend in the juvenile center “Sorry, I can’t wait for you”. But he and the one I started dating were friends so it was quite complicated.

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This interview with Michopa was translated from Yahoo Japans News site.

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