04 February 2022 Tokyo, Japan

Gal Watch: Instagram Edition


All across the internet, gyaru content is scattered... 
Sometimes you have to look hard to find it!

As a baby gal, it can be difficult to know where to start or what to search for. For some of us vets, navigating all these social media platforms can be a little confusing (any obaa gyaru in the chat?)

We decided to make things easier for everyone by sharing a few of our favorite SNS accounts in our new series Gal Watch.

Leave us your favorite gals in the comments and we might post them, too!

For now, our gyaru journey begins with Instagram.
Here are some of our faves at the moment:

Dede (@dededooo)

The original Cyber Gal! Dede is a modern day gyaru icon. Not only has she created her own substyle, she wows us with every post she makes. Beautiful nails, perfect makeup, and incredible co*des for days. We're completely obsessed! (Be sure to check out her shop, we're obsessed with everything she creates there, too!)

Nove (@noveqie)

A princess straight out of a fairytale, Nove makes the perfect hime gyaru. Her feed is a sweet pastel dream and her looks are a master class in hime co*des. (We're convinced her closet stretches further than Narnia!) She also posts lots of galspo and funny memes in stories. For anyone into the softer side of gyaru (anyone into softer styles period), Nove is the perfect source for inspiration.

Shiena (@ningyosama)

Papillon model and gyaru vet, Shiena is an absolute must follow for anyone interested in gyaru. Her looks are beyond gorgeous and each one has its own unique flare. (Her hair deserves its own account!) We especially recommend looking through on days when you're feeling uninspired; after seeing her feed, it's hard not to get the itch to dress up.

Bebea (@bebeajadore)

Next up on our list is a gal whose looks leave us stunned everytime she shares them: Bebea! Her co*des never miss, her make is always on point, and when has blue hair ever looked so good?! Bebea tries a variety of styles, managing to nail each one with an attention to detail we adore (if you haven't seen her pant leg turned leg warmer, you haven't lived!) Fans of any gyaru style will love and find inspo in her content.

Akarin (@96a_chan)

Split tone hair, classic tan, big eye make... Akarin is bringing us back to the 2010s and we love her for it! She has toned down her look from her Black Diamond era, but her signature bold liner and icy contacts will leave you mesmerized. If you're into kuro gyaru or tsuyome, she's the perfect gal to follow. (She also has a nail account @cho_akarin.nail you should check out!)

Midnight (@bitchitsmidnight)

Their name may be dark, but their style shines brighter than the sun! Black Butterfly co-leader Midnight gives us Ayutama on Kawaii Pateen vibes with their clean nose stripe and big eye droop. We love their tropical co*des and the constant appearance of leopard print in their looks (classic gal staple 109, anyone?) If you’re in need of some fun and adorable short hair inspo, Midnight’s account is perfect for you.

Paige (@paigiechu)

Not every look Paige posts is gyaru, but she is undeniably gal. Her pics have a nostalgic vibe to them (like Kaa-tan in her egg days) and her looks are too cute! She posts a variety of co*des , some more kuro gyaru inspired, others more old school. We love not only her style and make, but also her charisma. Definitely a gal to keep your eye on!

Marchirin (@sakuratekuno22)

If you haven't checked out our Pride interview with Marchirin in Volume 2 yet, here's your reminder! Self described as old school but new, the former Black Diamond -from 2000- member does just that— makes old school new again. We love the variety of co*des and hairstyles she wears (and all of her tanning bed pics, of course). If you don't fall in love with her style, after reading our interview, you'll definitely fall in love with her personality.

Reila (@reilaless)

Another princess graces our list, one that has been ruling her gal kingdom for a long time. Reila is a Papillon model we may or may not have stolen straight out of a Liz Lisa catalogue. Her himekaji co*des are to die for (it's rumored they may have started a few wars) and her couple photos with fellow model Wes are too adorable (we love a Prince Charming). A lot of baby gals like to dip their toes with himekaji and Reila's account is the perfect place to start!

Piku (@pikupoyo)

Bright & colorful feed, gorgeous eye make, amazing co*des. What more could you ask of a gal? Piku gives us all of these things and more. (She's even made a tutorial to show you how to get the look!) Although she wears a variety of styles, fans of amekaji will especially love Piku's account. We know we do!

Yayosan (@yayosaan)

The last gal on our list and second one from the golden age of Black Diamond, Yayosan is everything we all dream of being: Constantly at the beach. You've probably seen her pics shared on stories (they're gal as af, who doesn't want to share them?) We love her signature ashy blonde hair and the way she keeps us in summer all year long. If for some reason you haven't seen her pics in your friends' stories (who are you following?), you can thank us later for introducing you to her account ❤

Gyaru Archives:

Her bio says she posts the best gyaru pics and she doesn't lie! Beach Episode posts lots of high quality gyaru pics from a range of styles and eras. If you're looking to fill your feed with gyaru content, this is the perfect place to be.

Self proclaimed gyaru enthusiast and NY gal, Masi's account is a gal haven! They post a lot of magazine scans with other gyaru content sprinkled in. Anyone needing galspo need not look any further!

Did you see any of your fave gals on the list? Let us know down below! 
We want to know which gals you have your eye on 👁

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