25 February 2022

GalMuu! February 2022

Everyone knows a gal loves the Eurobeat music of Parapara, but what else do gyaru listen to?

We bring you our newest series GalMuu! We'll be asking models and staff the top picks of their playlists for the month, starting with this lovely month of February. 

This month our models and staff bring us an array of genres, from upbeat K-Pop jams to heavier Alternative Rock songs.


"Woman" by Doja Cat
"Candy" by Foxy Brown
"Money" by LISA
"Hot Sauce" by NCT Dream


Days of the Phoenix” by AFI
Bled For Days” by Static X
Candis” by Sukekiyo
Hail to the Fire” by Crystal Lake
Machiavellism” by Dir en Grey



"MC Thunder" by Eskimo Callboy
"20 km/h" by We Butter the Bread with Butter
"I'm So Sad" by 3 oh! 3
"Not My Problem" by Escape the Fate
"Bite Me" by Avril Lavigne
"Wrong Side of Mulholland Drive" by Sadboy 2005
Downfalls High” by MGK



"RED" by The Rose
"Moonshot" by N.Flying
"Don't" by eAeon ft. RM
"Party, Feel, Love" by HyunA & DAWN
"Dream Sweet in Sea Major" by Miracle Musical



"Snowfall" by Yuzion
"Candy Bling" by Mariah Carey
"Let Me Down Slowly" - Tinashe
"No Contest" by Tinashe



New Gravity” by Miyavi
Best Friend” by Kanayan
Aitakute” by Kanayan



Transparent Soul” by Willow
Back in School” by Mother Mother
Romance Dawn” by Radkey
Woman” by Doja Cat


All songs by Baby Metal
Bad Mode” album by Hikaru Utada


"Too Many Drugs” by Rigoberta Bandini
"Heat Waves" by Glass Animals
"Won't Stand Down" by Muse
Mil y una noches” by Guitarricadelafuente

Did you see any songs that you love? Maybe discovered some new ones to put on repeat?
Let us know what you've been listening to down below!

Cover art by the wonderful Kiwii. Please follow them and support!

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