18 February 2022

Galentine's Makeup Featuring Motoko

How was your Galentine's Day? Today we ask our own Papillon Beauty Pro Motoko to show off her incredible Galentine's look and answer some of the questions we've been dying to ask!

Read on if you're also dying to know our Beauty Pro's makeup secrets!!!

Galentine's Makeup Look

🦋 Tell us a bit about this stunning look and what inspired it!

 Thank you! This is actually a remix of what I did last year,it's just more gems,hearts and cuteness this time. Valentines is the season for hearts so that was ofc the main inspiration for the theme.

🦋 Do you like Valentine's Day? What do you like to do for it and did you do anything special this year?

I don't have a particular relationship with the occasion tbh but I enjoy spending the day with my bf,just doing whatever we want to enjoy ourselves. Yesterday we went out to eat together,it was so nice and the food was amazing.

What kinds of flowers and candy are best to steal your heart? 👀💖

I love flowers, of course, but I love plants even more because they usually last longer. If they are to die, I want it to be because of my own inadequacy of taking care of them, haha. I'm a complete sweet tooth; I love chocolate, cakes, and pastries. White chocolate and New York cheesecake are my favourites.

🦋 It's amazing to see professional gyaru makeup artists, we're so lucky to have beauty pros like you working with us!! What's it like being gyaru and working as an MUA? 

 Thank you for having me honestly, it's so much fun making content for you! I feel like I might have an edge because gyaru makeup has taught me tricks that aren't commonly taught in western makeup schools. It has taught me to be more creative in many ways.

🦋 Have you ever had a client that wanted gyaru style make? 

Not yet! But I always incorporate the techniques I've learned in gyaru makeup such as eye shape manipulation or eye enlargement techniques.

🦋 What kinds of products do you find yourself using most? (Both for yourself and for clients)

 Rihanna better run me my money soon 😂 I feel like I always advertise her makeup line, but the Fenty Beauty products like the Pro Filtr foundation, setting powder and lowlight (contour products) are my all time favourite no matter what kind of base my clients or models have. Whether they have dry or texturised skin,very pale or dark skin there is a perfect product for anyone that WILL MATCH AND ENHANCE their skin appearance so I always return to Fenty Beauty for base makeup products.

🦋 What make tips would you give gals looking for long lasting makeup on date nights?

A good skincare regimen is the key for longevity but ofc always the right product for the right type of skin so I would suggest getting to know your skin first. Secondly, always set your liquid foundation with setting powder then setting spray. If you can handle the perfume smell, then the best setting spray to date that I have tried and used is the Huda Beauty Resting Boss face spray but the smell is... dizzying. Second best is Urban Decays All-Nighter for normal skin and their De-Slick spray for oily skin. If you're travelling to somewhere with high humidity (or are up to strenuous activities 😈) go for the Urban Decay De-Slick spray!


Products used:

 Beautybay EYN Brights Matte pallette
Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr foundation (290, 345 for contour) 
NYX Born to glow foundation (09) 
Fenty Beauty Setting Powder
Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade (Chocolate)
Norvina Pro Pigment palette vol.4
NYX Shine Loud pro pigment lip shine (In Charge)
Kaima Cosmetics Eternal and Rainbow Brights multi chrome-flakes (used in the heart cut crease)

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