11 February 2022

Lunar New Year with Shiena

"I want to become good at unlocking motivation 

and find peace with living alongside imperfections…"
- Shiena on her goals for the year of the tiger 

February 1st marked the beginning of the Lunar New Year, ushering in the year of the water tiger. It's said this year is expected to be one of huge changes, with the tiger representing great power & strong will and water representing intelligence & wisdom. (We hope all of your big decisions this year are wise ones!)

All over the world, people have celebrated Lunar New Year for centuries upon centuries with activities ranging from family reunion dinners to large festivals. A lot of those celebrations have changed since the hit of the COVID-19 pandemic, but with the correct safety protocols (remember to get your booster!), people were still able to commemorate the new year in their own ways. 

To have a little celebration of our own, we asked Papillon model Shiena some questions and got some great shots of her outfit!

🦋 Q&A with Shiena

What is your Chinese zodiac sign? 


How do you usually celebrate Lunar New Year? 

Every year is a little different to be honest. I spent a long time away from my family for the past decade. But if I’m in the same city we tend to have a nice dinner. Some years I tag alongside my dad's activities in the Chinatown parade and his kung fu club’s lion dance rounds helping with some minor tasks. 


What did you do to celebrate this year? 

My parents and I got together for a nice Chinese cuisine dinner. 

What kind of traditions does your family usually partake in? 

My family doesn’t partake in a lot of traditions but we still follow to basics such as red packet money for the unmarried and not washing the luck away by cleaning on New Years. Dinner with family is a must of course, if geography permits. 

Is there anything in particular you enjoy about Lunar New celebrations? 

Money. lol I’m just kidding (sorta). I guess I like the gold and red color schemes and just people celebrating in general. 

What goals do you have for year of the tiger? 

I want to become good at unlocking motivation and find peace with living alongside imperfections… I also hope to explore  a little into neon color pallets and high fashion neo gothic.

🦋 Bonus Pics:

A stunning look, a family celebration, and an fantastic goal!

We wish Shiena and all of our readers a great deal of health and happiness during this year of the tiger!!!

Did you celebrate Lunar New Year? 

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