28 March 2022

GalMuu! March 2022


It was an exciting month for gyaru music! From MVs to EPs, we saw some great releases in March.

We put together some of our fave songs for the month and asked our models and staff what they've been listening to, as well!

 March Releases!

PiNKII Releases Koakuma Trap & MVs

Gyaru rapper PiNKII has been keeping us well fed with the amount of content she has put out!

March 4th marked the release of her new album Koakuma Trap. Named after iconic gal mag Koakuma Ageha and the album's own trap sound, Koakuma Trap breaks away from the bubblegum pop vibe of PiNKII's previous albums and showcases her lyrical abilities and versatility as an artist. Following the release, she put out MVs for the tracks "Babyface", "Timeline", and "Bitchii".

As of March 26th, she has also released an MV for her song "Shut Up".

You can listen to Koakuma Trap across streaming platforms:

You can watch the MV for "Shut Up" and her other songs on her YouTube channel

Ohayo Releases MV for "GAL"

If you've been on gyaru TikTok for more than five minutes, you've probably heard "GAL" and found yourself singing the chorus for weeks after. Japanese rapper Ohayo released the music video for the song on March 16th, featuring an array of gals including former Black Diamond -from 2000- member Maaachirin.

You can watch the "GAL" MV on YouTube

Maaachirin Releases Song "Shining"

Not only did Maaachirin appear in Ohayo's "GAL" MV this month, the former idol turned rapper also released a song of her own. "Shining" is an upbeat trop house track perfect for gals wanting a piece of summer while waiting for spring to pass.

You can listen to "Shining" on YouTube

Papillon Playlist!

Listen here!

"GAL" by Ohayo ft. Shake Pepper & Yvngboi P
"GALisMIND" by softboiledegg
"Bitchii" by PiNKII ft. Jupiluxe
"Bimbo Doll" by Tila Tsoli
"After Hours" by PiNKII
"LIVALIE ON ME" by nutsjam
"Shining" by MAAACHIRIN

 Model & Staff Picks!

Listen here!


"Good & Plenty" by Lucky Daye, Masego, & Alex Isley
"Let Her Down Easy" by Kennie JD
"Rotate" by Anik Khan ft.Sango, Haile Supreme & Asante
"Sem Filtro (Remix)" by IZA ft. Luccas Carlos
"Songs She Never Heard"  Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah


"Gaddar" by Bloodywood
"Perfect" Blue by Softcult
"Kawaki" by Petit Brabancon
"Re:Do" by Nightmare
"SLAY!!" by Paledusk


"Different" by Futuristic Swaver ft. Effie & Yuzion
"Bubblegum Bottles" by PiNKII
"Little Star" by PiNKII
"Adios" by Hoody ft. GRAY
"That Chick" by Mariah Carey
"In My Bag" by Thuy


 "Holding Back" by BANKS
"Godless" by BANKS
"Undo (Back to My Heart)" by Tinashe & Wax Motif
"Ex-Factor" by Lauryn Hill
"Distance" by Kana Nishino
"Beg for You" by Charli XCX ft. Rina Sawayama


"Sacrilegious" by PLVTINUM
"Mount Everest" by Labrinth
"Gaza" by Dj Neptune
"DAMM GUT" by BewhY ft. Khundi Panda
"Rules" by Killumantii


"Declaration" by Stromae 
"Gente" by Rata Negra 
"Zuloan" by Ezinean 
"Rivotril" by Luna Ki & Kenya Racaile

Did you see any songs that you love? Maybe discovered some new ones to put on repeat?
Let us know what you've been listening to down below!

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