07 March 2022

Gal Watch ☆ Twitter

Last time, we introduced our new series Gal Watch and highlighted some amazing gals across Instagram. (Did you find any new gals to become obsessed with?)

Today we're back with another installment, this time for Twitter.

Leave us your favorite gals in the comments and we might post them in future versions of Gal Watch!

Here are some gals we've been loving on Twitter as of late:

Miyu Rockbridge

To start off our list, we have someone you could call a gal mag connoisseur: Miyu Rockbridge! Not only does Miyu post magazine scans from our favorite eras (a little old school Ranzuki, anyone?), she also posts gorgeous pictures of herself along with videos of her doing parapara. Her visuals could be a Pokemon move with the way they leave us stunned! Not only that, she RTs other gals so much, her account is practically a Gal Twitter Directory (a gal haven, if you will). For anyone looking to fill their feed with gyaru content, Miyu is a must follow.

Chopa (@CHOPA_39)

We would be remiss not to mention galfluencer legend Chopa on our list! While her main focus is YouTube, that doesn’t stop her from posting amazing looks and clips on Twitter. We love that her style encompasses all of our favorite aspects of gal: Big eye makeup, bright colors, lots of animal print. She brings our 2010s gyaru nostalgia fantasies to life and we love her for it!

Pocha (@pochaboom)

Manba boom! Well actually, it’s something even better: Pocha Boom! Pocha is a Papillon model and manba specialist with makeup and wig skills that leave us dazed and amazed. Not only do they share incredible looks, they also put out some of the funniest gal tweets we all can identify with. If we weren’t a gyaru magazine, we would probably be a Pocha fansite. If you’re looking for galspo for styles like manba and yamanba (or just looking for a gal to fall in love with in general), Pocha is your guy! 


Akei is our favorite residential cowgal because her style has so much to love: Signature cowgirl hat, short denim skirts, lots of belts?! It’s a gal’s wardrobe dream! We not only love her style, but also her upbeat energy and her videos where she plays the shamisen. (And the fact that she collects Yugioh cards; maybe that will be our next boom as well 🤔)


Former Black Diamond member turned burlesque dancer, Harupoyo is one of the most gorgeous gals we’ve ever seen. We’re obsessed with her eye make and all of the cute dance outfits she posts. If you’re more of a fan of simple hair & make or fun OTT outfits, her looks are great inspo.


Not only is Tai the prettiest of pretty boys, he’s also the most relatable. We’re pretty sure we all know that AV gals have the best make game in the industry and Tai does not disappoint! We absolutely adore his make and style, as well as his commentary on anything and everything (the scene to gyaru pipeline is real and we plan on talking about it someday). You come for the thirst traps and stay for the memes!


Gyarusa Pacifica member Kohi posts more incredible gyaru looks than we can keep up with. Her style is mostly focused on tsuyome and old school vibes, with lots of animal print and beachy looks that make us wish it was summer already!! If you aren’t in love with the co*des she puts together, you’ll definitely fall in love with her hair and make. You’ll also appreciate all the other gals and galspo she RTs onto your timeline. 


We were obsessed with Zharo’s look before they modeled for our Galloween Special and that hasn’t changed one bit since! The creativity in their makeup can’t be overstated: From redefining what an eye gap looks like to reshaping what highlight and contour looks like in manba, we are always amazed at the looks Zharo puts out. (We  enjoy seeing their art updates, too!)


Ramu is Luxury Delivery Health worker (a type of call girl in Japan) who posts a lot of cute lingerie pics and cute looks in general. Her simple makeup and athleisure style is very of the modern Reiwa ane gyaru look and we love that she contrasts it with cute frilly lingerie. (We also love her pet chinchilla that she posts videos of!) Whether you’re looking for inspo to feel sexy in the bedroom or inspo for simple daily gal make, Ramu is a great gal to follow.


If you were a fan of Gal VIP back in the day, we wouldn’t be surprised if Miyabi was an inspiration for you becoming gal; she’s kind of a gyaru legend that way. (We know we’re big fans of her ❤️️) While her account is an accumulation of style inspo, various interests, and personal posts, she still posts stunning gyaru looks from time to time, alongside other cute looks. It’s important to keep up with gyaru icons, so be sure to check her out!


Anyone looking to change up their makeup just needs to take a scroll through Sei’s media posts (you’ll have to sift through some meme replies that might not make sense at the time, but trust us, it’s worth it). The small details in eye make can create a huge difference and Sei showcases this through her catalogue of many beautiful looks! We also appreciate the memes she RTs; humor and beauty, what’s not to love?


Tattoo artist and magical girl Imani mixes gyaru with other types of J-Fashion styles that you don’t normally see in gal. We’re sure you’ve noticed the similarities in lolita and hime gyaru, but Imani has created a bridge between gyaru and fairy kei that we are obsessed with. On top of her adorable and creative looks, she also posts a lot of positive and uplifting messages. Anyone needing a serotonin boost needs to be following Imani!


You are doing yourself a big disservice if you haven’t been following the Gal Cafe 10sion members; all of them are gorgeous and have great gyaru style all their own. A great place to start is the cafe’s account (@galcafe10sion), but at the moment one of our favorite gals is Daisy! Both her eye make and her eyebrows are perfect (aren’t eyeliner droops the best?) and we’re big fans of her cute and cozy style. It’s no wonder she was recognized as the number one gal there, she’s the best!

Gyaru Archives:

Gyaru of the Day 

When you join gyaru Twitter, you automatically become one of Gyaru of the Day's followers. Not really, but you should! Even though Mira focuses on fictional gals on this account, she RTs a lot of IRL gals and posts a lot of helpful information on gyaru. Galspo and gal info: The best of both worlds!

hourly gyaru 

You can find every type of gal picture on hourly gyaru: Magazine scans, gaijin gal pics, selfies we thought we had lost when egg models started purging their old blog posts/accounts. Whatever style of gyaru you're into, you can certainly find galspo pics here!

Oh My Gal 

If you're still trying to figure out the names of models you've seen a million pics of, Oh My Gal is a great place to start! Not only do they post pictures of models and mag scans (even ours sometimes 👀), they include the names of the models and magazines they post. It's like the Twitter version of gyaru flashcards.

Did you see any of your fave gals on the list? Let us know down below! 
We want to know which gals you have your eye on 👁

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