22 March 2022

Hime Gyaru Tutorials ♡

In our last hime gyaru post, we showcased a variety of pics to use for galspo. 
This time, we'll be sharing some tutorials to help achieve the perfect hime gyaru look!

🦋 Hair

Hair might be the first thing you notice in a hime gal's look. It's big, it's filled with accessories and secrets, and it's too cute! Many hime gals use hair pieces and wigs to achieve their look (Prisila has been a popular brand for this style for a long time), but some of these tutorials include gals using their own hair.

From Ageha:

🦋 Make

The focus of hime gyaru make tends to be on a round eye shape accompanied by spaced out lashes and lots of blush to create a dolly look. These tutorials show you a few different methods to achieve that dolly look.

From Ageha:

🦋 Co*de & Other Videos

Lookbooks, hauls, and transformations! Some of these videos may not necessarily be tutorials or guides, but they can still offer some great insight to creating the perfect hime gyaru look.

Find anything helpful in these tutorials? 
Let us know down below which ones are your faves!

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