03 March 2022

Substyle of the Month: Hime Gyaru

Starting this month, we have a very special series we would like to share with you. 

Drum roll please... 

Substyle of the Month!

You've seen some of our substyle breakdowns like onee gyaru and himekaji, right? (If not, be sure to check them out!) We thought it would be fun to take that concept and stretch it into a monthly celebration. We'll be bringing you TikToks, tutorials, galspo pics, and more! 

Who better to open a ceremony than a princess?

That's why we're starting this series off with hime gyaru! 

🦋 What is hime gyaru?

Hime gyaru translates to "princess gal" and is just that: Gals that are princesses! The substyle revolves around the concept of a princess with big beautiful hair, lots of cute flowers and bows, and an overall hyper fem vibe. Often featuring pastel colors, lace, and enough frills to fill the mote of a castle, hime gyaru is an extravagantly adorable way to wear gyaru.

Papillon model and QueenE co-leader Danielle helps introduce us to hime gyaru with some key points of the style!

🦋 Key Points

Hime Gyaru Make

1. Soft pink colors for lips
2. Big, cute shape for eyes
3. Bright pink colors for blush

Hime Gyaru Hair

1. ALWAYS big for volume and shape
2. Tiaras, hair bows, crowns, pearls, even teddy bears - anything goes for accessories
3. Usually shades of brown and blonde for color, but any color can work 

Hime Gyaru Co*des

1. Jesus Diamante, La Pafait, and Princess Melody for brand
2. Pink, white, black, and pastels for colors, floral and leopard for prints 
3. Very girly and feminine styles, dresses, tights, gloves, lots of jewelry and decorative elements (especially the shoes!) for aesthetic and vibe

Some of Our Fave Looks from Danielle

🦋 More Hime Gals We Love


IG: himena_ousaki | Twitter: himemelody0623

Himena is an Ane Ageha model (former Ageha model) who has worked with brands like La Pafait and Princess Melody. While her style has toned down over the years, her old hime looks still inspire gals today.


IG: lovevaani | Twitter: VaniHime7

Papillon model and member of French gal unit Gyaransu, Vani is the quintessential gyaru princess. Her style is both cute and elegant, with her looks ranging from simple everyday to all-out sweet glamour. 

Ayano Tokumaru

Ayano Tokumaru is a hime gyaru icon and former La Pafait shop staff member. Her big hair and dolly eye makeup perfectly encapsulate the essence of hime gyaru. 


IG: hellolizziebee | Twitter: hellolizziebee | YouTube: Hello Lizzie Bee

Lizzie is a Papillon model, QueenE co-leader, and social media influencer who showcases her adorable co*des and her journey as a hime gal. Not only is her style incredible, but her knowledge on gyaru is, as well.

Keiko Mizoe

Keiko is a former Ageha model and former Jesus Diamante shop staff member. Her old hime looks are a type of cute and polished that we can only dream of.


IG: noveqie | YouTube: Noveqie

Nove is a hime gal with the cutest wardrobe a gal could lay eyes on. We love both her looks and her sense of humor.

Sui Princess

Twitter: SuiPrincess | YouTube: Sui Princess

Sui Princess is a former hime gal and YouTuber who put out many amazing hime gyaru tutorials. While she isn't active on SNS from what we can tell, we still love looking through her old content.


IG: ningyosama | Twitter: ShienaNingyo

Shiena is a Papillon model and all around gal icon. She has a special ability of taking hime gyaru concepts and making them all her own in ways we haven't seen before. (She also has the best hair!)

Danielle Rianna

Huge thanks to Danielle for working with us on our first installment of Substyle of the Month! Make sure you follow her for more amazing gyaru looks 💖

Can't wait to share our love of hime gyaru with you this month! ❤️️

Have you tried hime gyaru yet? Which hime gals do you love most?
Let us know in the comments below!

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