10 March 2022

Galspo: Hime Gyaru

Last week we announced that hime gyaru would be our very first Substyle of the Month.
This week we have lots of galspo pics for you to find some inspiration for wearing hime gyaru ✨

We've collected over 100 hime gyaru pictures in case you're looking for some galspo.
The amazing thing is, there's even more hime gyaru content out there to find!
We hope our small collection can provide some inspiration to hime gals all over 💖

From Our Magazine

As an international gyaru magazine, we showcase a variety of different gals and different styles within gal, including hime gyaru.
Check out our issues to find galspo for all types of gyaru!

From Our Models

Our models wear amazing co*des outside of Papillon.
Make sure to follow them for more inspo!
Danielle: daniellerianna | Lizzie: hellolizziebee
Shiena: ningyosama | Vani: lovevaani

From Jesus Diamante

Jesus Diamante puts an elegant touch on hime gyaru with more mature cuts and prints found in their clothing. You can purchase their items from their online shop. While they aren't active on their Facebook anymore, they still post regularly on their Twitter account.

From La Pafait

Unfortunately, you can longer purchase from the La Pafait store. The brand closed its shop in October of 2013, rebranding as Princess Princess before becoming inactive and disappearing only a year later. You can, however, still find their items on second-hand sites like Mercari or being resold in various shops on Rakuten. You can also take inspo from their pics to create your own version at home. (Check out Danielle Rianna's DIY tutorial on Lizzie's blog for some tips!)

From Princess Melody

Princess Melody (also known as Primelo) is a sub brand under Ma*rs. Ane Ageha model Himena Ousaki is one of its designers, as well as its main model. The brand looks a lot different now than when it first started, but you can still find hime gyaru pieces within its online shop.  We prefer its older pieces, which you can still buy second-hand. 

See any outfits you love? Maybe even some pieces you already own?
Let us know down below!

If you have any pictures of you wearing hime gyaru, email us at
for a chance to be featured in a future article!

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